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Admin Columns Pro Plugin 6.4.3

The Admin Columns Pro Plugin

Admin Columns Pro Plugin stands as an indispensable WordPress plugin designed to empower users in efficiently managing and customizing the columns visible on various administration overview pages. Whether you’re overseeing blog posts, pages, categories, tags, users, comments, media, or any other essential elements, this plugin provides comprehensive support. With Admin Columns, you gain unprecedented control over the display of data on administration pages, ensuring a tailored and streamlined experience.

Admin Columns Pro Plugin

This powerful tool extends its support to all post types and taxonomies, granting you the flexibility to configure and organize data presentation according to your unique preferences and specific requirements. Elevate your WordPress administration experience with Admin Columns, where intuitive customization meets seamless management for a more efficient and personalized user interface.

Core Features Of Admin Columns Pro Plugin

Horizontal Scrolling Advancement:

Embrace the convenience of horizontal scrolling, eliminating content restrictions and allowing limitless data presentation within a single table.

Multiple Table Views Capability:

Tailor your experience with the ability to create multiple views for the same table. Ideal for specific tasks or user-focused tables, this feature ensures flexibility in data organization.

User-Specific Conditions:

Individualize your table views based on user preferences. Each user can enjoy a personalized table view, with the flexibility to set specific views according to roles or individual users.

Multisite Functionality:

Seamlessly integrate with WordPress Multisite Network, providing robust customization options for both Network Users and Sites tables.

Effortless Custom Fields Management:

Effortlessly display, search, edit, and export custom field data from posts and users directly from the overview. Admin Columns ensures comprehensive support for Custom Fields.

Local JSON Export:

Simplify synchronization between sites by exporting column settings to JSON or PHP, facilitating easy replication of configurations.

Advanced Custom Fields Compatibility:

Achieve perfect synergy with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), offering 100% compatibility. Search, export, and edit custom content seamlessly with Admin Columns.

Enhanced WooCommerce Management:

Streamline your WooCommerce shop management with Admin Columns. Effortlessly update and locate products, enhancing the efficiency of your online store management.

Download Admin Columns Pro WordPress

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