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Polylang Pro WP Plugin v3.5.4

The Polylang Pro WP Plugin

Polylang Pro WP Pluginis a premium version of the popular Polylang plugin for WordPress that offers additional features and premium support. The plugin allows you to translate different elements of your WordPress site such as posts, pages, media, categories, tags, custom post types, custom taxonomies, menus, and widgets.

With Polylang Pro, you have the flexibility to use subdirectories, subdomains, or separate domains for each language. It is also WPML API compatible, which means you can use it with other WPML plugins. Translations can share the same slug in the URL and you can translate slugs in URLs for custom post types, taxonomies, and more.

The plugin also has a feature to duplicate the content when creating a translation, making it easier to translate your content. Additionally, you can enable or disable languages, giving you complete control over the languages on your site.

Polylang Pro offers a comprehensive solution for multilingual WordPress sites, with a user-friendly interface, and the added benefits of premium support.

Core Features of Polylang Pro WP

  • Translate posts, pages, media, categories, tags
  • Translate Custom post types and custom taxonomies
  • Translate menus and widgets
  • Use subdirectories, subdomains, or separate domains
  • WPML API compatibility
  • Translations can share the same slug in the URL
  • Translate slugs in URLs (custom post types, taxonomies and more…)
  • Duplicate the content when creating a translation
  • Enable or disable languages Polylang Pro WP Pluginis

What’s New (Changelog) in Polylang Pro v3.5.3

= v3.5.3 (2023-12-11) =
* Pro: Fix fatal error with The Events Calendar when rewrite param of event category is set to false
* Remove flag alt text in the language switcher when both the flag and language name are displayed #1393
* Fix incorrect string translations when 2 languages are sharing the same locale in a multisite #1378
* Fix posts lists not filtered by the current language when editing a post in the block editor #1386
* Fix error when a tax query is filled with unexpected data #1396 Polylang Pro WP Pluginis

Sales Page and Live Demo of Polylang Pro WP Plugin

Free Download Polylang Pro Latest Version

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