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WP-Optimize Premium Plugin v3.3.0

WP-Optimize Premium Plugin

WP-Optimize Premium Plugin is a WordPress plugin that is designed to optimize and clean up your WordPress database, helping to improve the performance and speed of your website. WP-Optimize Pro is the premium version of the plugin, which includes additional features and functionality.

WP-Optimize Premium v3.2.22 Plugin

Core Features of WP-Optimize Premium Plugin

Experience the epitome of WordPress optimization with WP-Optimize Premium, a dynamic plugin meticulously crafted to enhance your site’s performance. Dive into its core features to discover a world of seamless efficiency and robust database management.

  1. Automatic Database Optimization:

    • Effortlessly optimize your database, ensuring peak performance without manual intervention. WP-Optimize Premium automates the optimization process for unparalleled convenience.
  2. Scheduled Database Optimization:

    • Set up scheduled optimization routines to keep your database consistently streamlined. Enjoy the luxury of automated optimization at predetermined intervals.
  3. Image Optimization:

    • Elevate your site’s visual appeal with image optimization. WP-Optimize Premium enhances images for faster loading times, contributing to an immersive user experience.
  4. Lazy Loading of Images:

    • Implement lazy loading for images, a smart technique that defers loading images until they are about to appear on the user’s screen. This results in quicker page loads and improved performance.
  5. Trackbacks and Pingbacks Removal:

    • Streamline your database by eliminating trackbacks and pingbacks, reducing clutter and enhancing database efficiency.
  6. Post Revisions Removal:

    • Say goodbye to unnecessary post revisions, decluttering your database and optimizing storage space for a more streamlined content management system.
  7. Trashed Items Removal:

    • Cleanse your database by removing trashed items, ensuring that obsolete content doesn’t linger and impact site performance.
  8. Expired Transients Cleanup:

    • WP-Optimize Premium efficiently removes expired transients, preventing unnecessary data buildup and maintaining a well-organized database.
  9. Gzip Compression:

    • Implement Gzip compression to reduce the size of your web pages and style sheets, facilitating faster loading and improved overall site performance.
  10. Cloudflare Integration:

    • Seamlessly integrate with Cloudflare, a content delivery network (CDN), to optimize the delivery of your site’s content, ensuring a swift and responsive user experience.

Overall, WP-Optimize Pro is a useful tool for WordPress users who want to optimize their website’s performance and speed. It can help to clean up and optimize your database, remove unnecessary data, and improve the loading times of your website. The Pro version includes additional features and functionality that can further improve the performance of your website.

What’s New (Changelog) in WP-Optimize Premium v3.2.22

= v3.2.22 – 23/Nov/2023 =
* TWEAK: Cache – Show a notice in the admin if the config file is missing and caching is enabled
* TWEAK: Added support for new emoji styles related hooks introduced in WordPress 6.4
* TWEAK: Database – Fix “Optimize database tables” stuck loading state
* TWEAK: Premium – Cache – Style improvement for the select2 box from advanced cache settings
* TWEAK: Premium – Images – Fix issues with avif images in the unused images feature
* REFACTOR: Wrapping most of the external links in the WPO settings pages with the appropriate function
* REFACTOR: Remove unused code

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