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WPML Multilingual CMS Plugin v4.6.8

The WPML Multilingual CMS Plugin

WPML Multilingual CMS Plugin is a powerful and user-friendly tool that enables you to create multilingual websites using a single WordPress installation. With WPML, you can translate various elements of your website, including pages, posts, custom types, taxonomy, menus, and even the text in your theme. This plugin is compatible with every theme or plugin that uses the WordPress API, ensuring seamless integration into your existing website.

WPML comes with a full support team that is dedicated to helping you deliver perfect websites on time. The plugin is equipped with over 40 languages, and you have the option to add your own language variants to cater to specific regions. You can also choose to display different language versions of your website in the same domain, in sub-domains, or even in completely separate domains.

In summary, WPML is a comprehensive solution for creating multilingual websites that is both simple to use and powerful enough for large-scale, corporate sites. Whether you’re running a blog or a more complex website, WPML makes it easy to reach a global audience with your content.

Core Features of WPML Multilingual CMS Plugin

1. Comprehensive Website Element Translation:

WPML Multilingual CMS Plugin facilitates the translation of various elements on a website, covering pages, posts, custom post types, taxonomy, menus, and theme texts. This extensive translation support ensures that every aspect of your site can be presented in multiple languages, catering to a diverse audience.

2. Universal Compatibility:

The plugin seamlessly integrates with any theme or plugin utilizing the WordPress API, ensuring compatibility across the WordPress ecosystem. This compatibility extends to both standard and custom functionalities, providing flexibility in design and functionality choices.

3. Expert Support from WPML Team:

WPML offers full support and assistance from its dedicated team. Users benefit from the expertise of the WPML team, receiving guidance and solutions for any multilingual challenges they may encounter during the implementation and management of translations.

4. Multilingual Language Variety:

WPML comes with over 40 pre-installed languages, covering a broad spectrum of linguistic diversity. Additionally, users have the flexibility to add custom language variants, ensuring that their content is accessible to a global audience.

5. Versatile Language Display Options:

The plugin allows the display of different language versions of a website on the same domain, sub-domains, or separate domains. This versatility in language presentation options provides website owners with the freedom to choose the structure that best suits their multilingual strategy.

6. User-Friendly Interface for Translation Management:

WPML boasts a user-friendly interface designed for easy translation and efficient management of multilingual content. This intuitive interface simplifies the translation process, making it accessible even to users with limited technical expertise.

7. Integration with Translation Management Systems:

For users requiring professional-level translation management, WPML integrates seamlessly with popular translation management systems. This feature streamlines the translation workflow, ensuring accuracy and consistency in multilingual content.

8. Custom Field and Post Type Translation:

WPML offers the option to translate custom fields and custom post types, enabling users to translate any type of content on their website. This flexibility is crucial for maintaining consistency across diverse content structures.

9. Translation of Themes and Plugins:

The plugin supports the translation of WordPress themes and plugins, facilitating the full localization of a website. This capability ensures that all elements, including visual components and functional extensions, can be presented in multiple languages.

10. RTL Language Support and Dynamic Data Translation:

WPML extends support to RTL (right-to-left) languages, enhancing accessibility for websites catering to diverse linguistic preferences. Additionally, the plugin enables the translation of multilingual dynamic data, including forms and e-commerce product information.

11. Admin Area Translation:

Users can translate the website’s admin area, allowing administrators and contributors to work in their preferred language. This feature enhances the user experience for those managing and contributing to the website, irrespective of their language preference.

12. Advanced Caching and Performance Optimization:

WPML incorporates advanced caching and performance optimization techniques to ensure fast page loading times, even with multiple languages. This commitment to performance ensures a smooth and responsive user experience, irrespective of the chosen language.

In summary, WPML Multilingual CMS Plugin stands out as a comprehensive solution for translating and managing multilingual content on WordPress websites. With its wide-ranging compatibility, expert support, and user-friendly features, WPML empowers website owners to create a truly global online presence.

What’s New (Changelog) in WPML Multilingual CMS v4.6.8

Released on: November 27, 2023


  • Fixed an issue where archive pages were rendered without a language code in the URL while the language URL format was set to ‘Use directory for default language.’
  • Fixed an issue with the post type Draft Preview not showing the latest changes
  • Fixed an issue with disconnecting translation
  • Fixed a fatal error occurring during REST requests
  • Fixed a minor UI issue on the Menu page
  • Fixed a issue with ‘Use Default language in directory’ not being redirected properly
  • Fixed an issue with browser redirection when using languages as parameters.
  • Fixed a fatal error that occurred when visiting All pages when there were too many entries to load
  • Fixed an issue with an incorrect number of in progress jobs displayed on the Translation Management dashboard
  • Removed Translation Management from the WPML Support page
  • Added translation support for the WP Navigation Link block


  • Enhanced WPML add-on suggestions in the setup wizard
  • Added functionality that enables the review of content for hidden languages
  • Improved error logging for Xliff downloads on sites using PHP > 7
  • Added a new option in the site migration wizard to unblock and continue using automatic translation on both the original and migrated sites
  • Added support for Advanced Translation Editor (ATE) glossary retranslate feature


  • Added automatic translation support for string packages, enabling translation from the WPML Translation Management Dashboard
  • Added a new flow that opens translations not created using the WPML editor(s) in the WordPress native editor


  • Implemented an async strategy on front-end scripts where possible

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