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WPML String Translation Plugin v5.3.3

The WPML String Translation Plugin

WPML String Translation Plugin functions as an indispensable extension to the WPML plugin, offering users the capability to translate various texts and strings not covered in the primary WPML plugin. These encompass essential elements such as the site’s tagline, general texts within admin screens, and widget titles, among others.

WPML String Translation Plugin

Navigating and translating specific strings is made effortless through the addon’s assortment of filters and tools. Positioned at the top of the String Translation page, the display filter empowers users to selectively exhibit strings based on their translation status – be it everything, complete, needed, or awaiting a translator. To facilitate organization, strings are systematically categorized into different domains by WPML, simplifying the process of locating specific strings. For instance, opting for the Widgets domain narrows down the search for widget-related strings. Moreover, a search function further refines results by allowing users to input specific search values. This multifaceted approach ensures a user-friendly and efficient experience for managing and translating strings.

Core Features of WPML String Translation Plugin

1. Extended Translation Coverage

Translate texts and strings beyond the main WPML plugin’s coverage, including the site’s tagline, admin screen texts, widget titles, and other crucial website elements.

2. Intuitive Display Filter

Utilize the display filter at the String Translation page’s top to selectively showcase strings based on translation status—options include everything, complete, needed, or waiting for a translator.

3. Organized String Domains

WPML efficiently organizes strings into different domains, simplifying the search process and aiding users in quickly locating specific strings, such as widget-related ones.

4. Search Functionality

Leverage the search function to narrow down search results by entering specific search values, enhancing precision in locating and translating desired strings.

5. Multilingual Translation Support

Translate texts and strings into multiple languages, ensuring comprehensive language coverage for all elements across the website.

6. Effortless Translation Management

Streamline the translation process with straightforward management, facilitating easy tracking of all translated elements on the website.

7. Comprehensive Website Translation

A vital tool for those aiming to fully translate their website into multiple languages, offering a comprehensive solution for multilingual content.

8. Seamless Integration with WPML

Seamlessly integrates with the main WPML plugin, providing users with an all-encompassing solution for developing and maintaining multilingual websites.

9. User-Friendly Interface

Enjoy a user-friendly interface that simplifies and expedites the translation of strings and texts, ensuring a quick and efficient translation process.

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