Privacy Policy


The goal of is to provide the finest and most entertaining playground for you all. And in order to do so, we need to gather and utilize your personal information, as well as get to know you and what you desire in a number of other ways.

You may learn more about how we gather, use, disclose, and transfer information, including your personal data, by reading what you are reading. We will attempt to explain everything in the most understandable terms possible because this material is tied to the law, which makes it look like they are fairly tough to grasp. We appreciate hearing from you on our privacy policy.

  1. The information we collect

As soon as you sign up for the playground, we will receive and gather information about you. While you enjoy our playground, this work is still being done.

1.1. Your registration information

You freely supply us with certain information when you register or use Your display name, email address, avatar, comments, and any other data you give us are all examples of this.

1.2. Your content

It goes without saying that we must gather the stuff you upload to, after which our system will turn it into the most intriguing spiritual food you provide for other people in this playground. Include reviews, comments, and articles.

Avoid uploading photographs with your location information if you submit pictures on the internet (EXIF GPS). For your protection, we do not utilise this information, and we have a system in place to automatically remove them before they are shown to the public.

1.3. Cookie

Additionally, we use “cookies” or comparable technologies to store log data. Cookies are little text files that are transmitted by your computer each time you visit our website and are specific to your account or browser. When we utilise cookies or other similar technologies, we either employ persistent cookies or session cookies (which last until you exit the browser) (until you or your browser delete them). In order to save you from having to change your settings each time you visit, we utilise cookies to save your language choices and other preferences. Some of the cookies we use—including data about you, such the email address you gave us—are connected to your account, while other cookies are not.

1.4. Your IP and your user agent string

Our firewall service may record your IP address and user agent each time you visit this website.

  1. How we use your information

We will go into great depth on how your data is utilised.

It is our duty to keep the system safe, secure, and equipped with backup plans in order to guarantee the security of your information and your privacy.

Until is no longer operational or until you ask us to delete your personal data from our database, we will keep your information on file.

What we learn about you will be used, maintained, enhanced, and customised to:

2.1. Keep the system stable

Innately, we must always maintain the stability of this playground. There are several parties involved, and we don’t want there to be any issues with this playground. In order to discover, look into, and bring legal action against any forbidden, fraudulent, or criminal actions.

Information also improves our ability to identify spam and stop undesirable activity in its tracks.

2.2. Keeping you always satisfied with us

Every time you visit this page, you won’t need to log in or take the language test. We can identify your geographic location and personal interests based on the data you submit in order to offer you the content that is most pertinent to you.

2.3. Keep communicating with you through the contact method you provide

We occasionally like to give you brief ideas, announcements, or other information about our service. Your contact information will allow us to get in touch with you quickly and provide you with tailored recommendations.

2.4. Following the choice, adhering to the law as required by management or a foreign government agency

  1. Do we share your data with?

Your information is not shared with any other third parties and will never be shared. Even if we feel at home on the playground, we are not entitled to your privacy.

  1. Your rights

You can update any information we keep on you if you have an account at, including your email address, display name, password, and similar data.

When you sign up with, you are not required to give your actual name; we respect your anonymity.

Additionally, you have the right to ask us to delete any information we may hold on you.

  1. Changes to this privacy policy

Nothing on earth is everlasting. also, this privacy statement. Therefore, this text may undergo some changes in the future. We will notify you via the service or by email if we make any significant changes to the terms of our privacy policy. You agree to accept the modifications if you use our services after they have been made.

The adventure of continues with your company. And while though is very straightforward and amusing, we always take the privacy and personal information of everyone seriously.