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Advanced Ads Pro (+Addons) Plugin v2.26.0

The Advanced Ads Pro v2.25.0 (+Addons) Plugin

Advanced Ads Pro (+Addons) Plugin is a comprehensive ad plugin designed for WordPress that provides website owners with an all-in-one solution to manage their advertising campaigns. It is a powerful and easy-to-use plugin that offers a wide range of features and functionalities to help website owners increase their revenue streams.

Advanced Ads Pro (+Addons) Plugin v2.25.0


With Advanced Ads Pro, users can create, manage, and display an unlimited number of ads on their website. The plugin offers ad rotation based on customizable ad weight, enabling users to conduct split tests and display multiple advertisers per ad space. Additionally, the plugin also provides ad conditions, which allows users to display ads on specific pages, page types, and other criteria.

One of the key features of Advanced Ads Pro is its ability to sell ads directly on a user’s website with an automated workflow. The plugin also offers special support for Google AdSense, which enables users to easily integrate their AdSense account with their website.

Advanced Ads Pro allows users to choose whether to display an ad on mobile, desktop, or both. The plugin is based on WordPress standards, which means that users can manage their ads just like they manage posts and pages in WordPress. The plugin also includes plenty of hooks and action, making it easily extendable.

Core Features of Advanced Ads Pro Plugin

Experience a new level of control and efficiency in managing advertisements on your WordPress website with the feature-rich Advanced Ads Pro Plugin. Explore the core functionalities that make this plugin a game-changer in the world of online advertising.

  1. Create, Manage, and Display Unlimited Ads:

    • Effortlessly handle an unlimited number of ads on your WordPress site, providing you with unparalleled flexibility in your advertising strategy.
  2. Ad Rotation and Split Testing:

    • Optimize your ad strategy with ad rotation based on customizable ad weight. Conduct split testing seamlessly and showcase multiple advertisers per ad space.
  3. Ad Conditions:

    • Tailor your ad display with precision using ad conditions. Specify where ads appear based on criteria such as specific pages, page types, and more.
  4. Direct Ad Sales Automation:

    • Streamline your ad sales process directly on your website with an automated workflow, ensuring a hassle-free experience for both advertisers and administrators.
  5. Google AdSense Integration:

    • Benefit from specialized support for Google AdSense integration, maximizing your revenue potential from ads.
  6. Device-Specific Ad Display:

    • Choose when and where your ads appear by deciding whether to display them on mobile, desktop, or both.
  7. Manage Ads Like Posts and Pages:

    • Organize your ad inventory effortlessly by managing ads similarly to how you handle posts and pages in WordPress. Leverage hooks and actions for easy extendability.
  8. AMP Ads for Mobile Monetization:

    • Monetize your fast mobile websites by inserting AMP ads on AMP pages, ensuring a seamless and lucrative mobile advertising experience.
  9. Advanced Targeting Options:

    • Target specific users based on behavior, geolocation, or other criteria, enhancing the relevance of your ads and maximizing engagement.
  10. Ad Groups for Organization:

    • Streamline your ad management by creating and managing ad groups, simplifying the organization of your advertising assets.
  11. Scheduled Ads and Display Limits:

    • Plan your advertising strategy effectively by scheduling ads to display on specific days or times. Set display limits for individual ads or ad groups to control their visibility.
  12. Multiple Ad Formats and Tracking:

    • Use a variety of ad formats, including images, text, and HTML, to diversify your advertising approach. Track ad impressions and clicks effortlessly with built-in statistics.
  13. Integration and Multilingual Support:

    • Seamlessly integrate with third-party services like Google Analytics and DFP for enhanced analytics. Enjoy multilingual support for translating ad text and settings.
  14. Ad-Free Experiences and Shortcodes:

    • Provide ad-free experiences for specific user roles or pages. Use shortcodes to insert ads into posts or pages conveniently.
  15. Advanced Filtering and Search Options:

    • Effectively manage large numbers of ads with advanced filtering and search options, ensuring a streamlined and organized advertising inventory.

Elevate your advertising game with the Advanced Ads Pro Plugin, empowering you to take charge of your ad strategy and maximize the potential of your WordPress website.

What’s New (Changelog) in Advanced Ads Pro v2.25.0 (+Addons)

= 2.25.0 (November 8, 2023) =

– Feature: add Browser Width condition
– Feature: add option to reload ads on screen size change
– Feature: enforce responsive image ads for themes without support
– Fix: remove PHP deprecation notices with PHP 8

Sales Page and Live Demo of Advanced Ads Pro Plugin

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