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Duplicator Pro Plugin v4.5.16.3 Free Download

The Duplicator Pro

Duplicator Pro Plugin is a plugin for WordPress designed for site owners looking to migrate content from one location to another and make backups of their sites. With the power of a WordPress plugin, you can perform site migration and backup tasks with just one click on your server.

Duplicator Pro Plugin

Core Features of Duplicator Pro Plugin

Multi-page support:

In addition to the standard single-site, Duplicator Pro supports multi-site backup and migration. You can even install a subpage as a standalone website!

Big Site Support:

The tool in the Pro version is faster and works better with larger websites. Supports up to 100 GB of backup capacity!

Backup Limit:

Limit your number of stored backups so you don’t fill your cloud storage with previous backups.


filtering: Filter only the folders, files, extensions, and database tables you want to back up.

Automatic Database Creation:

Easily select existing cPanel databases & users, or create a new one without leaving the installer.

Live websites override:

Install your backed-up or migrated website to an empty location or on an existing website – includes one-click WordPress sites for quick installation!

Single file bundle: The Duplicator Pro

tool packs your website into a single archive, unlike other plugins that create lots of files that are difficult to manage.

Large database support:

The ability to manually import an SQL file means that very large databases are now supported.

Email notifications:

Know immediately when Duplicator has backup problems, time out, or needs attention.

Advanced options:

Tons of advanced options to customize your WordPress backups and customize your settings.

What’s New (Changelog) in Duplicator Pro v4.5.14

v4.5.14.2 – November 15th, 2023
PHP Version: 5.6.20+
WordPress Version: 4.0 or greater
Tested up to: 6.4
[FIX] Fixed a problem where if you bypassed the plugin from very old versions the templates could be corrupted.
[FIX] Fixed a warning related to email summaries when updating settings.
[FIX] Implemented hardening for the plugin recommended by Dmitrii Ignatyev from Cleantalk
[FIX] Fix mysql 5.5 error on table update

Sales Page and Live Demo of Duplicator Plugin

Free Download Duplicator Pro Latest Version


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