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Advanced Custom Fields Pro Plugin Latest v6.2.6.1

Advanced Custom Fields Pro Plugin

Advanced Custom Fields Pro Plugin Latest (ACF Pro) plugin is a revolutionary WordPress plugin that allows you to customize and control your theme settings, post types, taxonomy, and custom fields. Take advantage of this plugin to create powerful customized front-end edits surfaces on your WordPress-powered site.

Advanced Custom Fields Pro Plugin Latest

Core Features of Advanced Custom Fields Pro Plugin

  • Enhanced AJAX Functionality:
    • Multiple fields now utilize AJAX-powered search, significantly boosting page loading speed.
  • Local JSON for Optimal Performance:
    • Introducing the auto export to JSON feature, enhancing speed and enabling seamless synchronization.
  • Effortless Import/Export Operations:
    • Streamlined import and export procedures through an intuitive tools page.
  • Expanded Form Locations:
    • Fields now seamlessly integrate with comments, widgets, and all user forms, offering unparalleled flexibility.
  • Unmatched Customization Capabilities:
    • Newly added PHP (and JS) actions and filters empower users with extensive customization options.
  • Modernized User Interface:
    • A complete design overhaul, including fresh field types, settings, and an updated design for a more user-friendly experience.
  • Innovative oEmbed Field:
    • Introduction of a cutting-edge field for effortless content embedding.
  • Extended Settings Features:
    • Field group settings now include options for label and instruction placement, enhancing user control.
  • Optimized Front-End Forms:
    • The acf_form() function is now equipped to create new posts upon submission, offering an array of new settings.
  • Advanced Validation Methods:
    • Form validation is seamlessly executed through PHP and AJAX, prioritizing efficiency over sole reliance on JavaScript.
  • Improved Relationship Field:
    • A new setting for ‘Filters’ in the Relationship field, incorporating search, post type, and taxonomy filters.
  • Effortless Field Movement:
    • Newly introduced field group functionality facilitates the effortless movement of a field between groups and parents.

What’s New (Changelog) in Advanced Custom Fields Pro v6.2.4

= 6.2.4 =
*Release Date 28th November 2023*

* Fix – Custom Post Types labels now match the WordPress 6.4 behavior for “Add New” labels
* Fix – When exporting both post types and taxonomies as PHP, taxonomies will now appear before post types, matching the order ACF registers them. This resolves issues where taxonomy slugs will not work in post type permalinks
* Fix – Advanced Settings for Taxonomies, Post Types or Options Pages now display with the correct top padding when toggled on
* Fix – When a parent option page is set to “Redirect to Child Page”, the child page will now correctly show it’s parent setting
* Fix – When activated as a must-use plugin, the ACF PRO “Updates” page is now visible. Use the existing `show_updates` setting to hide
* Fix – When activated as a must-use plugin, ACF PRO licenses defined in code will now correctly activate sites
* Fix – When `show_updates` is set or filtered to false, ACF PRO will now automatically still activate defined licenses
* i18n – Maintenance and internal upstream messages from the ACF PRO activation server are now translatable

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