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Astra Pro WordPress Theme 4.6.1

Astra Pro WordPress Theme

Astra Pro WordPress Theme stands out as a versatile WordPress theme with myriad applications such as booking, blogging, and portfolio creation. Boasting a distinctive design and seamless animations, it is an ideal choice for both business and entertainment websites. The theme ensures full responsiveness, rendering impeccably on all devices, and provides an extensive range of color options for users to tailor their websites precisely to their requirements.

Astra Pro WordPress Theme v4.5.2

Core Features of Astra Pro WordPress Theme:

Key Features of Astra Pro WordPress Theme:

Versatile Site Layout Options:

Choose from a variety of site layout options to suit your design preferences.

Extensive Google Fonts Support:

Access over 800 Google Fonts and explore multiple typography options for enhanced text styling.

Color Customization for Every Section:

Tailor the color scheme of each section with comprehensive customization settings.

Diverse Header Options:

Enjoy flexibility with header options, including Sticky, Transparent, Below Header Content, and After Header Content.

Multi-Column Footer Area:

Create a visually appealing footer with options for multiple columns.

WooCommerce-Specific Features:

Benefit from exclusive features designed specifically for WooCommerce sites.

Integration with LifterLMS and LearnDash:

Seamlessly integrate Astra Pro with LifterLMS and LearnDash for enhanced learning experiences.

Megamenu Functionality:

Utilize megamenu capabilities for extensive navigation options and improved user experience.

Complete Spacing Control:

Exercise full control over spacing for various site elements to achieve precise layouts.

Hooks and Filter Support:

Harness the power of hooks and filters for advanced customization and extensibility.

Compatibility with Multiple Page Builders:

Integrate seamlessly with various page builder plugins to enhance your design capabilities.

Premium Website Designs:

Access ready-to-use premium website designs for quick and efficient website creation.

Scroll-to-Top Link:

Enhance user navigation with a convenient scroll-to-top link.

jQuery-Free Implementation:

Ensure fast and efficient loading without reliance on jQuery code.

Optimized for Speed:

Experience fast loading times for an optimal user experience.

Mobile Header Support:

Enjoy responsive design with dedicated support for mobile headers.

Fluid Layout:

Achieve a fluid and adaptable layout for compatibility across devices.

Custom Font Usage:

Incorporate custom fonts to align with your brand identity.

Grid and List Layout Options:

Choose between grid and list layouts for varied content presentation.

Highlight First Post:

Draw attention to the first post with a dedicated highlight feature.

Date Box:

Display date information in a distinctive box format.

Infinite Scrolling:

Enable infinite scrolling for seamless content exploration.

Custom 404-Page Design:

Personalize your 404-page design for a user-friendly error experience.

Custom Hooks:

Leverage custom hooks for additional customization and functionality.

Schema Markup Ready:

Ensure compatibility with schema markup for improved search engine visibility.

What’s New (Changelog) in Astra Pro v4.5.2

2023-12-20 – version 4.5.2

  • New: Introduction of new “vw” unit support for font-size in customizer typography settings.
  • Improvement: Addition of a new filter ‘astra_fullscreen_modal_heading_tag’ to change the Full-Screen search style heading tag.
  • Fix: WooCommerce – Checkout – In modern checkout place order button missing a thousand separators.
  • Fix: Fatal error ‘Attempt to read property taxonomy & name’ from addon cache files in some rare cases.
  • Fix: Site Builder – Single templates get shrink due to flex-based CSS on the ast-container wrapper.
  • Fix: WooCommerce – Product Catalog – Quick View Background option not working with Boxed layout.
  • Fix: Site Builder – Custom layout appearing on the frontend if any hook action is set but the layout is not of ‘hooks’ type.

Sales Page and Live Demo of Astra Pro WordPress Theme

For access to the Sales Page and Live Demo of Astra Pro WordPress Theme, visit Astra Pro.

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