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Booknetic WordPress Plugin v3.8.18

The Booknetic WordPress Plugin

Booknetic WordPress Plugin is a WordPress appointment booking and scheduling system that offers a range of features to help businesses automate their booking processes. This online appointment booking plugin supports several payment systems, including Woocommerce, Paypal, Stripe, SMS/Email notifications, reminders, manageable calendar, customizable templates, form-builder, multiple category levels, and more. With Booknetic, you can save time and resources by automating your business processes. Your customer base will be collected, and your business will be open 24/7 to your customers.

Booknetic WordPress Plugin

Core Features of Booknetic WordPress Plugin

  1. Booknetic WordPress Plugin offers a cutting-edge UI/UX interface, ensuring a contemporary and user-friendly experience. The plugin’s modern design enhances the overall aesthetic appeal and usability of the booking system, providing both administrators and users with an intuitive platform.
  2. Customizable templates empower users to tailor the appearance of their booking system according to their brand identity and preferences. With a range of customization options, users can create a visually cohesive and personalized booking interface that aligns with their unique style.
  3. The integrated form builder feature enables the creation of bespoke forms, facilitating the collection of specific information during the booking process. This flexibility ensures that businesses can gather relevant details from clients, contributing to a more efficient and tailored booking experience.
  4. Booknetic supports multiple category levels, offering a hierarchical structure for better organization and navigation within the booking system. This feature is particularly useful for businesses with diverse services or offerings, allowing users to easily locate and book the desired category.
  5. The manageable calendar feature provides users with a comprehensive view of their schedules, appointments, and availability. This visual representation aids in efficient planning and coordination, empowering administrators to stay organized and optimize their time.
  6. SMS/email notifications and reminders enhance communication by keeping both users and administrators informed about upcoming appointments. This feature minimizes the risk of no-shows and ensures a smooth and streamlined booking process.
  7. The fully customizable booking system is a standout feature of Booknetic, allowing users to configure settings, rules, and availability according to their unique requirements. This flexibility ensures that the plugin caters to a wide range of booking scenarios, making it adaptable for various businesses.
  8. Booknetic prioritizes user convenience with easy installation and setup processes. The user-friendly interface minimizes the learning curve, enabling users to quickly integrate the plugin into their WordPress site and start utilizing its features.
  9. Comprehensive documentation and support accompany Booknetic, providing users with detailed guidance and assistance. This commitment to support ensures that users can effectively navigate the plugin, troubleshoot any issues, and make optimal use of its functionalities. The detailed documentation serves as a valuable resource for both beginners and experienced users, fostering a positive and enriching experience with the Booknetic WordPress Plugin.

What’s New (Changelog) in Booknetic v3.8.13

Fixed issue with 100% coupon and woocommerce.
Fixed issue with appointment information appearance at 15 minute timeslot length.
Fixed issue with Mercado Pago payment link.
Fixed issue with Appearance saving.
Fixed issue with modal appearing while rescheduling the appointment in the Calendar.
Fixed issue with calculated revenue for cancelled appointments in Reports feature.
Fixed issue with missed order details in Woocommerce quick preview.
Fixed issue with Note field while copying the Extra services.
Included VAT configuration for EU countries that allows to include the Taxes to the service price for the booking panel.

Sales Page and Live Demo of Booknetic WordPress Plugin

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