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Content Egg WP Plugin v12.0.1

Content Egg WP Plugin

Content Egg WP Plugin is all in one plugin for comparison, coupon & deals, and affiliate sites. This plugin has too many necessary and pro features that need profitable websites, affiliate sites, price comparisons, deals, product reviews, etc. types of sites.

Content Egg WP Plugin

Core Features of Content Egg WP Plugin:

  1. Automatic Partner ID Inclusion:

    • Automatically incorporates your partner ID into affiliate links for seamless tracking.
  2. Multi-location Functionality for Amazon:

    • Enables the use of multi-location settings for Amazon, enhancing flexibility.
  3. Versatile Output Templates:

    • Provides multiple output templates, including grid, lists, and product boxes for varied display options.
  4. Price Drop Alerts and History:

    • Offers price drop alerts and detailed price history graphs for better product insights.
  5. Theme Compatibility:

    • Compatible with any WordPress theme, ensuring a seamless integration into your website’s design.
  6. Flexible Shortcode Implementation:

    • Allows the display of offers anywhere using shortcodes, providing convenience in showcasing content.
  7. Content Modules:

    • Enhances posts with additional relevant content, such as videos, images, news, and tweets.
  8. Autoblog Functionality:

    • Facilitates autoblog features, automating content updates for efficiency.
  9. Extension for Adding Offers:

    • Includes a fill extension to effortlessly add offers to existing posts.
  10. Keyword-Based Offers Addition:

    • Easily incorporates offers from various affiliate systems using keywords.
  11. WooCommerce and Product Synchronization:

    • Offers robust support for WooCommerce and ensures seamless product synchronization.
  12. Search Filter Options:

    • Provides extensive search filter options, including price range, discount, categories, best offers, CC license, and more.
  13. Wide Array of Affiliate System APIs:

    • Integrates with over 20 affiliate system APIs and continues to add more, eliminating the need for separate plugins for each system.
  14. Unified Comparison Lists:

    • Creates common comparison lists for all modules, delivering the best deals to users.
  15. Automatic Price and Offer Updates:

    • Automatically updates prices and offers, keeping the information current and relevant.
  16. Auto-updating Price Comparison Lists:

    • Offers the option to generate auto-updating price comparison lists based on actual offers by keyword, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

What’s New (Changelog) in Content Egg v12.0.1

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