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Digits WordPress Mobile Phone Number OTP Signup 8.4.1 and Login Form Nulled

The Digits WordPress Mobile Phone Number OTP Signup

Digits WordPress Mobile Phone Number OTP Signup simplifies the user login and signup process on your WordPress website by implementing a straightforward method: OTP passcode sent via SMS to the user’s mobile phone number. This eliminates the need for users to check emails and remember passwords, streamlining the authentication process for a more user-friendly experience. With Digits, the emphasis is on convenience and security, making it easier for users to access your WordPress site while ensuring a robust level of authentication through one-time passcodes sent directly to their mobile devices.

Digits WordPress Mobile Phone Number OTP Signup

Digits WordPress Plugin Features

  1. Full WooCommerce Support:

    • Seamlessly integrate Digits with WooCommerce for a comprehensive e-commerce experience.
  2. Password Reset with OTP Passcode:

    • Enable users to reset their passwords securely using OTP passcodes for added verification.
  3. Custom Fields for Login and Signup Forms:

    • Tailor your login and signup forms with custom fields to gather specific user information.
  4. WooCommerce Phone Verification on Checkout:

    • Ensure additional security and authenticity during the checkout process with phone verification.
  5. Modal Sign-up and Login Form:

    • Implement a sleek and user-friendly modal form for convenient sign-up and login interactions.
  6. Free and Paid SMS Gateways:

    • Choose from a variety of SMS gateways, including both free and premium options, to suit your preferences.
  7. Signup with Password, Login with OTP or Password:

    • Provide flexibility to users by allowing them to sign up with a password and log in with either OTP or a password.
  8. GDPR Compliant:

    • Ensure compliance with GDPR regulations, prioritizing user data protection and privacy.
  9. User Can Also Sign Up with Email and Add Phone Number Later:

    • Offer users the option to sign up initially with their email and later add their phone number for enhanced account security.
  10. Default Country Code:

    • Simplify the signup process by setting a default country code for phone numbers.
  11. White Label Custom Sign-up and Login Page:

    • Customize the sign-up and login pages with your brand’s identity for a seamless user experience.
  12. User Can Add Email After Signing Up with Mobile:

    • Allow users to enhance their accounts by adding their email address after initially signing up with their mobile number.
  13. Login, Register, Logout Redirect:

    • Configure specific redirects for login, registration, and logout actions to control user navigation.
  14. Disable Strong Password Registration:

    • Provide flexibility in password creation by disabling the requirement for strong passwords during registration.
  15. White-list / Block Countries:

    • Enhance security measures by white-listing or blocking specific countries based on your website’s needs.

Download Digits WordPress Plugin

Note: If you are having trouble with free download Digits WordPress Plugin Nulled, try to disable AD blocking for the site or try another Web Browser. If disabling AD blocker or change Web Browser not help to you please contact us.


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