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Enfold WordPress Theme v5.6.9

The Enfold WordPress Theme

Enfold WordPress Theme that’s as elegant in design as it is versatile in function. With gorgeous portfolio pieces, tons of customizable color options, multiple slider options, and widget areas galore, It is an easy choice for anyone looking for a sharp new look. Businesses will love the striking layouts created to show off their work, and artists are sure to fall in love with the easy customization of each piece.

Enfold v5.6.9 WordPress Theme

Core Features of Enfold WordPress Theme

Clean, Modern Design for Versatility:

Enfold WordPress Theme boasts a clean and modern design, making it a versatile choice suitable for any type of website. Whether you are creating a personal blog, a corporate site, or an e-commerce platform, Enfold provides a visually appealing and professional foundation.

Unique Drag and Drop Template Builder:

A standout feature of Enfold is its exclusive Drag and Drop Template Builder. Craft almost any layout imaginable with ease. This specialized tool is tailored uniquely for this theme, allowing users to create intricate designs effortlessly. The Template Builder includes a plethora of unique elements such as Columns, Sliders, Buttons, Galleries, Team Sections, Tabs, Toggles, Accordions, Pricing and Data Tables, Call to Action Buttons, Testimonials, and more. Noteworthy is that this content editor does not manage the Header and Footer, offering specialized control for the main content structure.

 Ajax Instant Search:

Enhancing user experience, Enfold incorporates an Ajax Instant Search feature. Users receive real-time results while typing, providing instant and dynamic feedback. This feature streamlines the search process, delivering a more responsive and interactive browsing experience.

Translation Ready:

Enfold is translation-ready, supporting mo/po files. This feature ensures that your website can cater to a global audience by allowing easy translation into different languages. Customize your content to resonate with diverse linguistic preferences and reach a wider audience.

WooCommerce Integration:

Enfold is WooCommerce-ready, allowing you to seamlessly integrate your online store. Whether you are selling digital goods or physical products like coconuts, the theme provides a robust foundation for creating an engaging and functional e-commerce platform.

WooCommerce Bookings Support:

For businesses requiring time and date-based bookings, Enfold supports WooCommerce Bookings. This feature adds a layer of flexibility, making the theme suitable for service-oriented businesses that operate on scheduled appointments.

WPML Plugin Ready:

Recognizing the need for multilingual websites, Enfold is WPML plugin-ready. This integration facilitates the creation of a multi-language site, allowing your business to reach and connect with a diverse global audience.

Responsive Designs for Various Devices:

Enfold ensures a seamless user experience across devices with its responsive designs. Whether accessed on an iPhone, iPad, or other smaller devices, the theme adapts to different screen sizes, maintaining a visually appealing and functional layout. This responsiveness contributes to a consistent and accessible user experience, regardless of the device used.

Crystal Clear and Retina Ready:

Enfold doesn’t just provide a clean design; it is also retina-ready, ensuring that your website looks stunningly beautiful on smartphones and tablets. The theme’s high-resolution capabilities guarantee that your content is presented with exceptional clarity on a variety of devices.

Responsive Features Control:

Enjoy unparalleled control over the responsiveness of your website. With Enfold, you can deactivate responsive features with just one click in the backend. This level of flexibility allows you to tailor your site’s responsiveness based on your specific design preferences.

WordPress Multisite Compatibility:

Enfold is designed to support WordPress Multisite functionality. This feature enables you to manage multiple sites from a single installation, providing a centralized and efficient way to handle your network of websites.

Seamless Mailchimp Integration:

Stay connected with your audience through seamless Mailchimp integration. Enfold ensures that your newsletter efforts are streamlined and effective, allowing you to effortlessly integrate Mailchimp newsletters into your website.

Events Calendar Integration:

Enfold supports integration with Events Calendar and Events Calendar Pro. This feature is invaluable for businesses or individuals organizing events, providing a user-friendly interface to showcase and manage events on your website.

Dynamic 2D + 3D Layerslider Slideshow:

Elevate your website’s visual appeal with the 2D + 3D Layerslider Slideshow. The Layerslider Plugin, included with Enfold, empowers you to create captivating slideshows that incorporate both two-dimensional and three-dimensional elements. This feature adds a dynamic and engaging visual component to your website.

Effortless 2D Easy Slider:

Enfold simplifies slideshow creation with the 2D Easy Slider. Craft visually stunning slideshows within seconds, enhancing your website with eye-catching and dynamic content.

Mobile-Optimized Slideshows:

All Enfold slideshows are optimized for mobile devices, utilizing hardware-accelerated CSS3 slider technology. This ensures that your website maintains optimal performance and visual appeal on a wide range of devices, delivering an exceptional user experience.

Diverse Post Format Support:

Enfold supports various post formats, including Standard, Image, Video, Gallery, Link, and Quote. This versatility allows you to present your content in diverse and engaging formats, catering to different types of media and storytelling.

Multiple Slideshow Possibilities:

Flexibility is key with Enfold. You can add multiple slideshows to each post, page, or portfolio entry, allowing you to showcase different aspects of your content with visual flair.

Extensive Skin Options:

Choose from over 20 predefined skins, each designed for easy editing and modification. Enfold provides a customizable palette, allowing you to create a unique and branded look for your website. The flexibility extends to support any number of skins, ensuring your site reflects your desired aesthetic.

Video Support Across Platforms:

Enfold supports videos from any major video hosting service. This feature facilitates seamless integration of multimedia content, ensuring compatibility and smooth playback across different platforms, enhancing the multimedia experience for your audience.

  • Video Slideshows with support for Youtube, Vimeo and self hosted videos
  • Visual Shortcode editor with preview function, tons of shortcodes like pricing tables, columns, buttons etc
  • Unlimited Color Options with Backend Color Picker for any kind of gorgeous color settings.
  • Unique unlimited sidebars for each page/category possible
  • User Manual, short videos and professional theme support by me and my team to fix any kind of problems
  • Unlimited Portfolio Pages. Also supports Ajax Portfolio
  • Free Lifetime Updates and access to our support forum
  • Growing community in our support forum:over 50000 registered users, 85000 Topics, 350000 Posts. We do care that your site works and answer every post!
  • jQuery 100% unobtrusive wich degrades gracefully if javascript is turned off
  • Contact Form Builder: Modify your contact form from your backend: add/remove/modify the available inputs, textareas, dropdowns and checkboxes
  • SEO Optimized: our Code is built with SEO best practice in mind: headings, heavy internal linking, google rich snippets and so much more
  • Advanced Typography Options
  • Wide & Boxed Layout Versions
  • Advanced Header Options
  • Child theme support for easy customization, that is not affected by theme updates. You can download a very basic child theme here
  • more than 30 PSDs included with almost every page template you see in the “Enfold Default Demo”
  • RTL stylesheet for languages that are read from right to left like Arabic, Hebrew, etc
  • 20+ different Language Files included
  • Clean Programming: Well organized, commented & clean code
  • Focus on typography, usability and user-experience
  • Tested with WPML, Gravitforms, WP Supercache and many other common plugins
  • Extensive documentation
  • Growing Video Tutorial Library- A great place to start are our narrated HD Video Tutorials
  • The option to decide what updates the theme will receive next by suggesting and voting on features:

What’s New (Changelog) in Enfold v5.6.9

December 7th 2023 – v5.6.9
tweak: added support for special character translation plugin v1.1.2 to ALB OSM-Leaflet Map element
tweak: improved accepted e-mail links in ALB (also for obfuscate): [mailto:][email protected][?subject=your_subject&body=your_body]
tweak: CSS fixes for WooCommerce Cart and Checkout when using blocks
tweak: add info message to theme options for inactive special pages to remove info in page list

  1. PHP 8.3 compatibility.: added required function argument to get_class()
  2. feature: duplicate post link for all post types (also for custom post types)
  3. fixed: Image element Zoom on hover animation
    fixed: ALB in block editor hides sidebar in fullscreen mode
    fixed: CSS to display svg images in ALB backend (modal popup and canvas) – no frontend support yet
    fixed: pagination shows page 1 of 0 when selected “all posts” and “pagination” in various ALB elements
  4. updated: Italian language files it_IT (version 5.6.9, provided by BigBatT – [email protected])
    updated: French language files fr_FR (version 5.6.8 provided by comkapi – Patrick)
    updated: Dutch language files nl_NL (version 5.6.9 provided by EZWebdesign – Roger Hoen )
  6. updated: Enfold Special Character Translation Plugin to v1.1.3 (… plugins/Enfold/Special Character Translation)
  7. added: theme support ‘avia-no-duplicate-post’ – does not show action links to duplicate posts
  8. added: filter ‘avf_ignore_duplicate_post_types’ – add post types that do not need a duplicate action link from Enfold (e.g. WooCommerce Products)
    added: filter ‘avf_duplicate_post_capability’ – set user capability to allow duplicate link
    added: filter ‘avf_duplicate_post_new_post_author’ – change post author for new post (defaults to current user)
    added: filter ‘avf_duplicate_post_new_post_taxonomies’ – change taxonomies to copy to new post
    added: filter ‘avf_duplicate_post_new_post_meta’ – change post meta to copy to new post
    added: action ‘avf_duplicate_post_added’ – fired after duplicated post had been added
  9. Sales Page and Live Demo of Enfold WordPress Theme

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