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EventOn Plugin With Addons v4.5.9

The EventOn Plugin With Addons

EventOn Plugin With Addons is an exquisitely designed event calendar, offering a clean and clutter-free presentation of events. Its minimal grid calendar configuration allows for a sleek showcase of occasions. With over 200 valuable features, this plugin boasts highly customizable repeating events, support for multiple event images, detailed event locations and organizers, and advanced capabilities such as accommodating various data types and language-specific events.

EventOn Plugin With Addons

To facilitate easy installation and scheduling, EventON comes with a builder shortcode (shortcodes) interactive help. This feature streamlines the process and ensures a user-friendly experience. Additionally, the plugin provides an upcoming events list by months, allowing users to quickly access and navigate through upcoming events. EventON combines aesthetic appeal with functional versatility to meet the diverse needs of event organizers and users alike.

Core Features of EventOn Plugin

Display Options

  • Upcoming Events List by Months: Showcase a list of upcoming events organized by months.
  • Pre-set Calendar Event Order ASC/DESC: Arrange calendar events in ascending or descending order.
  • Featured Events Priority: Highlight featured events above others in the calendar display.
  • Featured-Only Calendar: Present a calendar showcasing only featured events.
  • Featured Images on List: Create calendars with visually appealing featured images for each event.
  • Dynamic Pagination: Implement dynamic “load more” pagination for seamless event exploration.
  • Fixed Month Display: Choose to show the calendar for specific fixed months.

Event Creation and Management

  • Support for Single and Multiple Day Events: Create events spanning a single day or multiple days.
  • Flexible Event Timing: Set events with or without specific end days or times.
  • All-Day Events: Easily create events that span the entire day.
  • Duplicate Events: Efficiently duplicate events within the WordPress admin panel.
  • Event Exclusion: Exclude specific events from the calendar display.
  • Dynamic Event Spans: Span events until the end time while hiding the end time details.

Location and Organizer Details

  • Location Image: Enhance events by associating them with location images.
  • Geographical Coordinates: Set event locations with latitude and longitude coordinates.
  • Organizer Contact Information: Include comprehensive contact details for event organizers.
  • Re-usable Organizer Profiles: Save event organizer information for convenient re-use.

Interactive Features

  • Learn More Links: Add “Learn More” links for users to access additional event details.
  • User Interaction Options: Provide various options for users to interact with events.
  • Universal Time Format: Utilize a universal time and date format across your website.
  • SEO Schema Content: Support Schema SEO content for enhanced search engine visibility.
  • Accordion-Style EventCard Opening: Configure eventCard opening to act as an accordion for a seamless user experience.
  • RTL Support: Implement right-to-left text support for languages with RTL scripts.

Calendar Customization

  • Limit Events per Month: Control the number of events displayed per month on the calendar.
  • Event Categorization: Categorize events based on custom taxonomies for efficient organization.
  • Category-Specific Calendars: Create calendars displaying events from specific event categories.
  • Customized Event Rows: Completely customize all data displayed on event rows in the calendar.

Google Maps Integration

  • Interactive Map Customization: Customize Google Maps interactive features, including mouse scroll and zoom.
  • Smooth Navigation: Enable AJAX-driven smooth month-to-month navigation for enhanced user experience.

Integration and Payment

  • Shortcode or PHP Template Tag: Easily integrate the calendar into your theme using shortcode or PHP template tags.
  • PayPal Integration: Seamlessly accept payments for events through integrated PayPal support.

Additional Features

  • Auto Archive Past Events: Automatically archive past events for efficient content management.
  • Custom CSS Styling: Add custom CSS styles effortlessly via the eventON settings.
  • Date and Time Format Customization: Customize calendar month, year, date, and time formats to align with your preferences.
  • Reset to Default Appearance: Easily reset the calendar appearance to default settings.
  • Automatic EventCard Opening: Set events to open eventCards automatically on load.
  • Language Customization: Customize text for different languages using the provided POT file.

Display Control

  • Random Event Order: Showcase events in random order for a varied presentation.
  • User-Specific Event Visibility: Display events exclusively for logged-in users.
  • Admin or User-Specific Fields: Control visibility of custom fields, making them accessible to admins or logged-in users.

What’s New (Changelog) in EventOn v4.5.5 (With Addons)

= v4.5.5 (2024-1-8) =
ADDED: support for sending emails in bcc
ADDED: cronjob to flush error log every 3 months
ADDED: backend sorting option menu_order for events
ADDED: webhooks to pass supported fields
ADDED: custom meta data field type using trumbowig editor
ADDED: option to select which HTTP communication method to use ajax or endpoint
ADDED: WP Query method to support last 12 months
ADDED: WPML backward compatibility with ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE value
ADDED: related events search to have event count
FIXED: inline_styles_scripts() called more than once
FIXED: Full site editing support for events archive page
FIXED: tile gradient background not working for tile style 0
FIXED: hide past events calculation to use UTC0 time
FIXED: zoom api missing error
FIXED: move_ml_yl_to_top() return empty events array
FIXED: EVO_Event() process event times to run month and yearl long filter after uct offset
FIXED: event card open as lightbox not passing et_data values
FIXED: single event page eventtop to have featured image
FIXED: icon selector not working when no icon set
FIXED: custom meta field in multilines not saving HTML correct
FIXED: hide past set in settings not working correct
FIXED: zoom api enabled verification before proceeding with settings
FIXED: get_ics_content() undefined dynamic property
FIXED: XSS vulnerability for custom meta fields on event edit page
FIXED: all day events not updating to correct start end unix time
FIXED: bulk edit events yes no value to select field
FIXED: event edit date picker to select date on picker
FIXED: event edit date picker format match
FIXED: various authorisation and CSRF validations in ajax calls
FIXED: all the related events not appearing in selector
FIXED: Settings save changes button not working in some pages
UPDATED: primary font family to Poppins
UPDATED: moved hide past events settings into time settings section
UPDATED: refactor calendar date range calculation with timezone from settings
UPDATED: load enviroment stats move to lightbox using evo elements
UPDATED: admin settings page layout styles

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