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GenerateBlocks Pro WP Plugin v1.6.0

GenerateBlocks Pro WP Plugin

GenerateBlocks Pro WP Plugin is a premium WordPress plugin that expands on the capabilities of the GenerateBlocks plugin. It offers a range of powerful features that allow you to take your website to the next level without adding unnecessary bloat to your editor.

GenerateBlocks Pro v1.6.0 WP Plugin

With GenerateBlocks Pro, you can learn a few blocks in depth and use them to build anything you need. This approach allows you to add incredible versatility to your editor without overwhelming it with a large number of one-dimensional blocks. Overall, GenerateBlocks Pro is a useful tool for website developers looking to streamline their workflow and create high-quality websites with minimal effort.

Core Features of GenerateBlocks Pro WP Plugin

  • Template Library: Access over 150 professional templates directly inside the editor, saving you hours of design time.
  • Global Styles: Create global styles and apply them throughout your website for better workflow, consistency, and performance.
  • Effects: Use the power of CSS effects in the editor with a user-friendly interface that allows for endless configuration.
  • Advanced Backgrounds: Add background gradients and images to your Container blocks and apply them to any device.
  • Container Links: Transform your Container blocks into beautiful card-style links and design them with hover design options.
  • Asset Library: Add your own SVG icons and shapes to the library and access them inside the editor.
  • Copy+Paste Styles: Save time by copying and pasting block styles throughout your page.
  • Device Visibility: Easily hide or show blocks on different devices, including desktop, tablet, and mobile.
  • Custom Attributes: Apply custom data-* attributes to elements using a simple user interface.

What’s New (Changelog) in GenerateBlocks Pro v1.6.0

= v1.6.0 =
* Feature: Add FAQ schema option to accordions
* Fix: Block label should not be synced with styles changes (GB 1.8.0)
* Fix: Dynamic accordion button undefined index
* Fix: Dynamic tab button undefined index
* Fix: PHP Warning: Undefined array key “type”
* Fix: Fix: Container Link display setting
* Tweak: Require at least PHP 7.2
* Tweak: Add current Container border color support (GB 1.8.0)
* Tweak: Add Global Style block version to attributes
* Tweak: Don’t show incompatible Global Styles in dropdown
* Languages: Add es_ES translation
* Languages: Add cs_CZ translation
* Languages: Add fi translation

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