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Hestia Pro WordPress Plugin Latest v3.0.23

The Hestia Pro WordPress Plugin

Hestia Pro WordPress Plugin Latest stands out as a versatile and sophisticated WordPress theme meticulously crafted for the needs of small businesses and startups. This theme boasts a visually stunning and contemporary material design interface strategically organized on a one-page layout, making it an ideal choice for both corporate entities and creative ventures alike. Offering a clean and adaptable aesthetic, coupled with an elegant portfolio showcase and a robust online shop, Hestia Pro provides a comprehensive toolkit for presenting your products and services with flair.

Hestia Pro WordPress Plugin Latest

Highlighting its impressive features, the theme incorporates a full-width slider, seamless parallax backgrounds, and interactive sections, facilitating the accentuation of your standout attributes and captivating your audience’s attention. Whether your objective is to establish a corporate online presence, craft a personal portfolio, or launch a captivating online store, Hestia Pro delivers all the essential elements for a successful digital venture. Elevate your website’s visual appeal and functionality with Hestia Pro, where versatility meets professionalism, catering to the diverse needs of businesses and startups seeking a sophisticated online presence.

Core Features of Hestia Pro WordPress Plugin

Responsive Material Design:

Embrace flawless responsiveness with Hestia Pro. This plugin ensures a visually appealing presentation across all devices, ensuring a seamless user experience, regardless of the device your audience chooses.

Featured Slider:

Capture attention with a dynamic full-width slider prominently featured on your front page. This feature empowers you to showcase your most compelling posts and content, creating an engaging and visually appealing introduction to your site.

Beautiful Portfolio:

Elevate your online presence with Hestia Pro’s elegant portfolio section. This sophisticated feature enables you to artfully present your work and services, making a lasting impression on your visitors.

WooCommerce Integration:

Seamlessly integrate with WooCommerce, empowering you to establish a robust online shop directly on your website. Hestia Pro’s WooCommerce integration facilitates a smooth and efficient setup for selling your products online.

Newsletter Subscription Call-to-Action:

Cultivate a dedicated following with the inclusion of a newsletter subscription form. Encourage your visitors to stay updated on your latest news and offerings through email subscriptions, fostering a strong and engaged community.

Live Customizer:

Enjoy unparalleled flexibility with Hestia Pro’s Live Customizer. Effortlessly customize various aspects of your site and witness real-time changes, empowering you to fine-tune your website’s appearance and functionality with ease.

Easy-to-Use Contact Form:

Foster seamless communication with your audience through Hestia Pro’s user-friendly contact form. This feature allows your visitors to connect with you swiftly and effortlessly, enhancing overall user engagement.

Translation Ready:

Embrace global reach by leveraging Hestia Pro’s translation-ready capabilities. Effortlessly translate your content into multiple languages, ensuring a diverse and inclusive user experience.

Quality Support:

Rely on Hestia Pro’s dedicated support from developers who are committed to assisting you with any inquiries or challenges you may encounter. Experience peace of mind knowing that expert assistance is just a message away.

Custom Colors:

Infuse your brand’s personality into your website with Hestia Pro’s custom color options. Tailor the color palette to match your branding and style, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing representation of your online identity.

What’s New (Changelog) in Hestia Pro v3.0.23

[v3.0.23](…v3.0.23) (2022-07-01)
– [Fix] Field placeholder over text in the comments box
– [Fix] Add the missing srcset attributes for images on the front page
– Remove the Gutenberg templates as the feature from Otter Blocks is deprecated
– From 3.0.23 we decided to remove the copyright control from the free version. You can continue using it if you roll back to 3.0.22 or you can upgrade to pro, using a one-time 50% discount by using HESTIABRANDING50 discount code. The promotion is available until the 8th of July.

Sales Page and Live Demo of Hestia Pro WordPress Plugin

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