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LatePoint WordPress Plugin v4.9.9

The LatePoint WordPress Plugin

LatePoint WordPress Plugin is a complete appointment booking management solution for WordPress. Use it to manage appointments, accept online payments, encourage repeat business, and make your small business work as you do. Manage all your meetings in one place, smoothly integrating with many third-party services, while making them available online for your customers to book.

LatePoint WordPress Plugin

Core Features of LatePoint WordPress Plugin

  1. Seamless Payment Integrations:

    • Integrate payment gateways effortlessly for convenient and secure transactions.
  2. Efficient Calendar Integrations:

    • Sync calendars seamlessly to streamline appointment scheduling and avoid conflicts.
  3. Custom Dashboards for Employees:

    • Empower your team with personalized dashboards for efficient task management.
  4. User Onboarding and Front-End Appointment Management:

    • Enhance user experience with a smooth onboarding process and intuitive front-end appointment management.
  5. Versatile Service and Add-On Management:

    • Cater to diverse needs by offering multiple services and customizable add-ons.
  6. Multi-Location Capability:

    • Manage appointments across various locations efficiently with multi-location support.
  7. Email/SMS Notifications and Reminders:

    • Keep clients and staff informed with automated email and SMS notifications, ensuring timely reminders.
  8. Proactive Development Team:

    • Experience continuous improvements and updates with an active development team that values customer feedback.
  9. Promo Codes and Coupons:

    • Boost engagement and attract clients with promotional codes and coupon features.

What’s New (Changelog) in LatePoint v4.9.8

v4.9.8 – September 12, 2023
It is now possible to set custom status for a new appointment per service

Fix for rare issue when a payment goes missing or a duplicate booking is being created

Sales Page and Live Demo of LatePoint WordPress Plugin

Free Download LatePoint Latest Version


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