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LayerSlider (Kreatura Slider) Plugin v7.9.9

The LayerSlider (Kreatura Slider) Plugin

LayerSlider (Kreatura Slider) Plugin is a premium multi-purpose animation platform WordPress plugin. Slideshows & image galleries with mind-blowing effects, gorgeously animated landing pages & page blocks, or even a full website can be created using LayerSlider. Every website can benefit from the capabilities of this plugin. Designed to meet the industry trend, It offers Kickstarter and other crowd-funding products for your online campaign.

LayerSlider (Kreatura Slider) Plugin

Start building amazing slider graphics, beautiful landing pages, and stunning page blocks with Kreatura Slider easily. You can create eye-catching content for your Kickstarter campaign using the amazing features of Kreatura Slider.

Core Features of LayerSlider (Kreatura Slider) Plugin

Features of LayerSlider (Kreatura Slider) Plugin:

    1. SEO Friendly & Localization Ready:

      • Ensure optimal search engine visibility and localization readiness for a wider audience reach.
    2. Retina and Hi-res Ready:

      • Deliver stunning visuals with Retina and Hi-res readiness for crystal-clear image display.
    3. Using Cutting Edge Technologies:

      • Stay ahead with the use of cutting-edge technologies for advanced functionality and performance.
    4. Tested on a Variety of Devices:

      • Ensure seamless performance with thorough testing on a diverse range of devices.
    5. Optimizations for Mobile Devices:

      • Provide an enhanced user experience with optimizations tailored for mobile devices.
    6. Bandwidth Friendly by Serving Variable Resolution Images:

      • Optimize bandwidth usage by serving variable resolution images based on user needs.
    7. WordPress Multisite Ready:

      • Seamlessly integrate with WordPress Multisite for efficient management across multiple sites.
    8. More Than 200 Pre-defined Slide Transitions:

      • Choose from a vast selection of over 200 pre-defined slide transitions for captivating animations.
    9. Parallax, Even in 3D & Ken Burns Effect:

      • Add depth and visual interest with parallax, 3D effects, and the Ken Burns effect.
    10. Hover, Loop & Multi-step Animations:

      • Create engaging animations with hover effects, looping, and multi-step animations.
    11. Playbyscroll & Timelines:

      • Enhance user interaction with play-by-scroll and timeline features.
    12. Filters & Layer Masks:

      • Achieve creative effects with filters and layer masks for unique visual appeal.
    13. Random & Cycle Properties:

      • Add variety to your slides with random and cycle properties for dynamic content.
    14. Animate Colors & Common CSS Properties:

      • Bring your slides to life by animating colors and common CSS properties.
    15. Static Layers & Pop-out-of-Slider Effects:

      • Create static layers and pop-out-of-slider effects for a layered and dimensional look.
    16. Drag & Drop Visual Editor with Undo/Redo:

      • Enjoy intuitive slide creation with a drag-and-drop visual editor and convenient undo/redo functionality.
    17. Group Selection, Rulers with Guides, Copy & Paste Layers Options:

      • Enhance editing efficiency with group selection, rulers, guides, and copy/paste layers options.
    18. Popout Editor to Edit Everything in One Place Without Scrolling:

      • Streamline editing with a pop-out editor that consolidates all elements in one accessible place.
    19. Image Editor Powered by Adobe Creative Cloud:

      • Access powerful image editing capabilities with integration powered by Adobe Creative Cloud.
    20. Timeline with Color-coded Markers:

      • Efficiently manage timelines with color-coded markers for easy navigation.
    21. Keyboard Shortcuts:

      • Speed up your workflow with convenient keyboard shortcuts for common actions.
    22. Personal Needs (e.g., Slideshow of Family Photos):

      • Fulfill personal needs with features like slideshows of family photos.
    23. Professional Business Website:

      • Elevate your professional business website with dynamic and engaging sliders.
    24. Presentation of Your Creative Work:

      • Showcase your creative portfolio with dynamic presentations that leave a lasting impression.
    25. Retail and Commercial Purposes:

      • Utilize for retail and commercial purposes, creating visually appealing content for marketing.
    26. Or Even for Ads on Billboards:

      • Harness the power of impactful visuals for advertising, including applications on billboards.
    27. Pull Content Dynamically from Posts & Pages:

      • Keep content fresh by dynamically pulling in content from posts and pages.
    28. Build Auto-updating News and Content Sliders:

      • Streamline news updates with auto-updating sliders for timely content delivery.
    29. Import/Embed Content from Popular Services Like Flickr (Coming Soon):

      • Explore content versatility with upcoming support for importing/embedding content from services like Flickr.
    30. Full Width, Full Size, Hero Scene, and Fullscreen Sliders:

      • Choose from various slider types, including full width, full size, hero scene, and fullscreen options.
    31. Looks and Works Perfectly on Every Device Out of the Box:

      • Ensure a seamless user experience with sliders that look and function flawlessly on all devices.
    32. Alternative Device-specific Layouts in the Same Slider:

      • Tailor your content with alternative layouts specific to different devices, all within the same slider.
    33. 18 Skins, Theming Options, and Many More Customization Options:

      • Personalize your sliders with 18 skins, extensive theming options, and numerous customization choices.
    34. Compatible with All Popular Browsers:

      • Ensure widespread accessibility with compatibility across all popular browsers.

What’s New (Changelog) in LayerSlider (Kreatura Slider) v7.9.5

LayerSlider v7.9.5 is now available! Nov 2, 2023
Fixed media autoplay issues in certain cases.
Fixed keyboard shortcut to start slide preview while in Revisions.

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