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ListingPro WordPress Theme v2.9.3

ListingPro WordPress Theme

ListingPro WordPress Theme is a modern and responsive WordPress directory theme. This theme has been designed for any niche and has a lots of feature which will help you to create an amazing directory website with the best professionals. You can use it for free or buy our premium version with extra functionalities like API connection, map tickets integration, premium SEO features and more.

ListingPro WordPress Theme

Core Features of ListingPro Theme

Core Features of the ListingPro  Theme

Advanced Filter:

Utilize an advanced filtering system to enhance user navigation, enabling seamless exploration of listings based on specific criteria and preferences.

Review & Rate:

Foster user engagement by incorporating a robust review and rating system, allowing visitors to share their experiences and contribute valuable feedback to the community.


Access comprehensive statistical insights to gain a deeper understanding of your listings’ performance, user interactions, and overall website engagement.

Geo Location:

Leverage geolocation capabilities to provide users with location-specific results, enhancing the relevance and accuracy of displayed listings.

Claim Listing:

Enable business owners to claim their listings, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information while promoting a collaborative and community-driven platform.

Paid Listing:

Monetize your platform by offering premium, paid listing options, providing businesses with enhanced visibility and additional promotional features.

Social Login:

Simplify user onboarding and login processes by integrating social login options, offering convenience and a seamless registration experience.

Filter by Tags:

Facilitate intuitive content discovery with tag-based filtering, allowing users to explore listings based on relevant and descriptive tags.

Favorites Bookmark:

Empower users to create personalized collections by incorporating a favorites bookmark feature, enhancing user engagement and facilitating return visits.

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