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Modern Events Calendar Pro Plus Addons v7.6.0

The Modern Events Calendar Pro Plus Addons

Modern Events Calendar Pro Plus Addons (MEC) stands out as an exceptionally responsive and highly customizable WordPress plugin designed to empower users in creating and effectively managing events. This feature-rich plugin encompasses a plethora of functionalities, with notable highlights extending beyond conventional event management. The diverse calendar views offered by MEC elevate the user experience, providing options like daily, weekly, full calendar, list, masonry, cover, and carousel views.

Modern Events Calendar Pro Plus Addons

These versatile calendar views cater to various preferences, ensuring that users can seamlessly navigate through events based on their individual needs and preferences. MEC goes beyond the standard event management capabilities by delivering a visually engaging and user-friendly interface, offering a spectrum of views that suit different contexts and preferences, enhancing the overall efficiency and appeal of event management within the WordPress ecosystem. Whether you seek a comprehensive overview, a detailed list, or an aesthetically pleasing carousel display, Modern Events Calendar ensures that your events are presented in a manner that captivates and engages your audience.

Core features Of Modern Events Calendar Pro Plus Addons

Diverse Export Formats:

Effortlessly export filtered events in CSV, MS Excel, JSON, and XML formats, ensuring compatibility and flexibility in data management.

Taxes and Fees Management:

Seamlessly integrate taxes and fees into your event structure, providing a comprehensive and transparent pricing system.

Auto Verification Capability:

Automate the verification process for events, streamlining the workflow and ensuring accuracy in event management.

Category Archive Display Options:

Customize category archive pages to showcase either expired or upcoming events, offering flexibility in content presentation.

Booking Reminder Cron:

Schedule booking reminders through the Cron system, ensuring timely notifications for event attendees.

Feed/RSS Integration:

Integrate Feed/RSS functionality for events, allowing for seamless syndication and distribution of event information.

Events Archive Status Tracking:

Monitor the status of events within the archive, providing valuable insights into the event lifecycle.

Map View Feature:

Enhance user experience with a Map View feature, offering a spatial representation of event locations.

Shortcode Creator:

Generate custom shortcodes effortlessly, enabling a simplified approach to embedding and displaying events.

Advanced Tax/Fee System:

Implement an advanced tax and fee system, providing intricate control over financial aspects related to events.

Weather Module View:

Integrate a Weather Module View, offering users real-time weather information for event locations.

BuddyPress Integration:

Seamlessly integrate with BuddyPress, enhancing social interaction and user engagement within the event framework.

Single and Multiple Day Events:

Accommodate various event durations with support for both single and multiple-day events.

Event Cancellation via User Profile Shortcode:

Facilitate event cancellation through the User Profile Shortcode, empowering attendees with convenient management options.

Instagram Integration for Speakers:

Showcase speaker profiles with Instagram integration, offering a visually engaging and connected event experience.

Early Bird Booking Pro Feature:

Implement an Early Bird Booking Pro option, encouraging early registrations with special pricing.

Countdown View:

Build anticipation with a Countdown View, creating a sense of excitement leading up to events.

Multiple Color Skins:

Personalize the aesthetic with multiple color skins, ensuring the visual alignment of events with your brand.

Featured Image Placeholder:

Optimize visual consistency with a featured image placeholder, maintaining a polished look across various events.

User Profile Shortcode for End-User:

Offer end-users a personalized experience with the User Profile Shortcode, enabling easy access to event-related information.

iCal File Download Link in Email:

Enhance user convenience with an iCal file download link in email communications, allowing seamless event integration.

MailerLite Integration:

Seamlessly sync with MailerLite, streamlining communication and audience engagement.

Google Recaptcha:

Ensure security with Google Recaptcha integration, safeguarding event forms from unwanted spam.

Rearrange Booking Form Pro Feature:

Tailor the booking form to your preference with the Rearrange Booking Form Pro option, optimizing user interaction.

Cover View:

Present events with elegance using the Cover View feature, offering a visually striking representation.

Administration Fee for Front-End Event Submission:

Implement an administration fee for front-end event submissions, providing a monetization option for event organizers.

Exceptional Days:

Highlight exceptional days within the calendar, offering a unique visual distinction for specific events.

Organizer Payment Feature:

Facilitate organizer payments directly through the system, streamlining financial transactions.

Next Event Module:

Keep users informed with the Next Event Module, offering a snapshot of upcoming events for enhanced user engagement.

Frontend Event Submission:

Empower users with Frontend Event Submission, allowing for seamless event contributions from the audience.

Notifications System:

Implement a robust notifications system, keeping attendees informed about event updates and changes.

WhatsApp and Telegram Integration:

Enhance communication channels with WhatsApp and Telegram integration, facilitating direct messaging for event-related updates.

Booking for Ongoing Events Pro Feature:

Enable bookings for ongoing events with the Booking for Ongoing Events Pro option, extending flexibility in event management.

Thank You Page for Front-End Event Submission:

Enhance user experience with a dedicated Thank You page for Front-End Event Submission, acknowledging contributors and providing confirmation.

Create Booking Form:

Craft personalized booking forms with the Create Booking Form feature, tailoring the user experience according to event requirements.

Event Note for Frontend Event Submission:

Allow contributors to include event notes during Frontend Event Submission, ensuring clarity and relevant information.

Hourly Schedule:

Detail events with precision using an Hourly Schedule feature, offering a comprehensive overview of event timelines.

Timezone Feature:

Accommodate global audiences with the Timezone feature, ensuring accurate event timing adjustments.

European Language Completion:

Broaden accessibility with European language support, catering to diverse linguistic preferences.

Available Spot View:

Display available event spots with the Available Spot View feature, providing attendees with real-time availability updates.

Import Events from Google Calendar:

Simplify event management by importing events directly from Google Calendar, streamlining the data transfer process.

Auto Cronjob:

Automate recurring tasks with Auto Cronjob functionality, ensuring seamless and timely event-related processes.

Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily Repeating:

Facilitate event repetition with diverse repeating options, including yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily intervals.

Multiple Tickets System:

Introduce flexibility with a Multiple Tickets system, accommodating various ticket types and pricing structures.

Slider View:

Enhance visual appeal with a Slider View, providing a dynamic and engaging presentation format for events.

Cancellation Notifications:

Keep attendees informed with cancellation notifications, ensuring transparency and timely updates.

Masonry View:

Opt for a sleek and modern display with the Masonry View feature, offering a grid-like presentation for events.

Coupons/Discount System:

Boost attendance with a Coupons/Discount system, providing promotional incentives for event participation.

Midnight Hour:

Capture events scheduled past midnight accurately with the Midnight Hour feature, ensuring precise timing representation.

Badge for New Event:

Highlight freshness with a Badge for New Event, signaling newly added events for user attention.

Constant Contact Integration:

Streamline communication efforts with Constant Contact integration, facilitating seamless email marketing.

WooCommerce Payment Integration:

Integrate with WooCommerce for seamless payment processing, providing diverse payment options for event attendees.

All Taxonomies Search Field for Shortcodes:

Enhance search functionality with an All Taxonomies search field for shortcodes, improving accessibility for users.

Ajax Live Search Shortcode:

Implement Ajax live search shortcode for instant search results, optimizing user experience with real-time search capabilities.

Show Only One Occurrence:

Tailor event displays with the option to show only one occurrence, providing a simplified view for recurring events.

Choose Weekends:

Customize calendar displays by choosing weekends to be visible or hidden, catering to specific event requirements.

Carousel View:

Elevate visual storytelling with the Carousel View feature, presenting events in a dynamic and interactive carousel format.

Campaign Monitor Integration:

Streamline email campaigns with Campaign Monitor integration, ensuring seamless coordination with marketing efforts.

Recurring/Repeating Events:

Manage recurring events effortlessly with dedicated support for recurring/repeating events, providing convenience and clarity.

Custom CSS:

Exercise complete design control with Custom CSS capabilities, allowing for personalized and unique event styling.

Developer Documentations:

Navigate and implement advanced features confidently with comprehensive developer documentations, ensuring accessibility for developers.

Booking QR Code Module:

Optimize check-in processes with a Booking QR Code Module, facilitating quick and efficient event access.

Available Widget in All Sidebar:

Extend functionality with available widgets in all sidebars, providing flexible placement options for event-related information.

Advanced Categorizing and Filtering Options:

Organize events with precision using advanced categorizing and filtering options, enhancing content organization and accessibility.

Mailchimp Integration:

Foster engagement with Mailchimp Integration, seamlessly syncing with one of the most popular email marketing platforms.

Booking Form Builder:

Craft tailored booking forms effortlessly with the Booking Form Builder, ensuring a personalized and efficient user experience.

Gutenberg Editor Integration:

Utilize the Gutenberg editor seamlessly on event edit pages, providing an intuitive and modern editing experience.

Report Page:

Access insightful data with a dedicated Report Page, offering analytics and metrics for informed decision-making.

Custom Archive Skin Feature:

Tailor the appearance of archives with the Custom Archive Skin feature, ensuring consistency with overall site aesthetics.

Stripe Payment Integration:

Opt for secure and streamlined payments with Stripe Payment Integration, offering a reliable payment gateway for event transactions.

Archive Page Skin:

Customize the presentation of archive pages with the Archive Page Skin feature, providing a visually cohesive experience.

Advanced and Custom Repeating:

Implement advanced and custom repeating options for events, accommodating diverse scheduling needs.

Advanced Google Maps:

Enhance location precision with Advanced Google Maps integration, ensuring accurate and detailed event mapping.

Schema Structure:

Implement a structured schema for events, optimizing search engine understanding and visibility.

RTL Support:

Broaden accessibility with Right-to-Left (RTL) support, catering to languages that follow this writing direction.

Event Details/Single Event Page:

Present comprehensive event details with a dedicated single event page, ensuring a detailed and informative experience for attendees.

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