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PixelYourSite Pro Meta Pixel Plugin WordPress v10.0.0

The PixelYourSite Pro Meta Pixel Plugin WordPress

PixelYourSite Pro Meta Pixel Plugin serves as a robust tracking tool, meticulously capturing crucial data through global events. Its compatibility extends seamlessly to WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads, ensuring a comprehensive tracking experience for e-commerce platforms. The plugin introduces three distinct Facebook pixel event triggers, allowing for precise customization:

PixelYourSite Pro Meta Pixel Plugin



URL Contains Trigger:

Tailor your tracking strategy by setting up events triggered when the URL contains specific elements. This feature enables you to capture data selectively based on the presence of particular keywords or parameters in the URL.

URL Equals Trigger:

Achieve pinpoint accuracy in your tracking efforts with the URL Equals trigger. This functionality ensures that events are triggered only when the URL perfectly matches predefined criteria, providing a more refined and specific tracking mechanism.

Delay Event Trigger:

Enhance the precision of your data collection by utilizing the Delay Event feature. This trigger allows you to set a specified time delay before triggering the event, providing flexibility in capturing data at precisely the right moment in the user’s journey.

By offering these three dynamic event triggers, the Meta Pixel Plugin empowers users to fine-tune their tracking parameters, ensuring that the collected data is both relevant and insightful. Whether you’re managing an online store or a digital download platform, this plugin enhances your tracking capabilities, providing a tailored and effective solution for your data analysis needs.

Core features of PixelYourSite Pro Meta Pixel Plugin

Comment Tracking:

Efficiently track and analyze user comments on your website, gaining insights into user engagement and interaction.

Pinterest Ads Readiness:

Optimize your website for Pinterest Ads, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced performance on the Pinterest advertising platform.

Scroll-triggered Events:

Implement scroll-triggered events to capture user interactions as they navigate through your website, providing a comprehensive view of user behavior.

Google Analytics Integration:

Easily insert the Google Analytics code across all pages of your website with a simple and streamlined setup process.

Microsoft (Bing) UET Tag Installation:

Enable Microsoft (Bing) UET Tag with a single click, ensuring accurate tracking and data collection for Bing Ads.

Search Tracking:

Track user searches on your website, gaining valuable insights into user intent and popular search queries.

Click-triggered Events:

Implement click-triggered events to capture user interactions based on clicks, providing detailed data on user engagement.

Enhanced Ecommerce Configuration:

Tailor your tracking for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads, ensuring comprehensive and accurate tracking for e-commerce activities.

Effortless Google Analytics Code Insertion:

Seamlessly insert the Google Analytics code without any hassle, streamlining the process for optimal tracking capabilities.

AMP Tracking Add-on:

Enhance your tracking capabilities with the AMP tracking add-on, ensuring accurate data collection for Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Mouse-over-triggered Events:

Capture user interactions with mouse-over-triggered events, providing insights into user engagement beyond clicks.

AdSense Click Tracking:

Track AdSense clicks to monitor and optimize revenue-generating interactions on your website.

Automatic E-commerce Integrations:

Facilitate automatic integrations with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads, ensuring seamless tracking for e-commerce transactions.

Custom Dimensions:

Implement custom dimensions for personalized tracking and analysis, allowing for a tailored approach to data collection.

Click Tracking for Any Element:

Track any click on your website, providing granular insights into user interactions with various elements.

Google Optimize Experiments:

Run experiments with Google Optimize to test and optimize different elements and features on your website.

Pinterest Tag Installation:

Easily install the Pinterest Tag with Pinterest Audiences support and Pinterest Standard Events with just one click.

Page-specific Pixel Removal Add-on:

Remove the pixel from specific pages with the add-on feature, allowing for flexibility in pixel management.

Custom Google Events:

Fire custom Google Events to track and analyze specific interactions and activities tailored to your website’s needs.

Multiple Pixels Support Add-on:

Add and manage multiple pixels with the add-on feature, accommodating diverse tracking requirements.

Lifetime Value Utilization:

Utilize your client’s Lifetime Value data to enhance marketing strategies and customer relationship management.

Page Visit-triggered Events:

Trigger events based on page visits, capturing essential user interactions and engagements.

Google Ads Conversions Configuration:

Effortlessly configure Google Ads conversions on key pages, optimizing your advertising strategy.

Comprehensive Interaction Tracking:

Track various key interactions, including page views, clicks, video views, downloads, form submissions, comments, and user registrations.

Dynamic Events Parameters Add-on:

Enhance your tracking capabilities with the dynamic events parameters add-on, allowing for dynamic and personalized event tracking.

Dynamic Remarketing Preparation:

Prepare your WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads stores for Dynamic Remarketing, optimizing your advertising efforts.

Custom Audiences and Conversions Data Tracking:

Track extensive data for Custom Audiences and Custom Conversions, ensuring precise targeting and analysis.

User Registration Tracking:

Monitor and track user registrations on your website, gaining insights into user sign-up patterns.

Form Submission Tracking:

Track user interactions with forms on your website, providing valuable data on form submissions.

Download Tracking:

Monitor and analyze user downloads on your website, gaining insights into popular downloadable content.

WooCommerce “Thank You” Page Customization Add-on:

Customize your WooCommerce “thank you” pages with the add-on feature, enhancing the post-purchase experience.

Facebook Ads and Analytics Readiness:

Prepare your website for Facebook Ads and Facebook Analytics, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

Embedded Video View Tracking:

Track embedded YouTube or Vimeo video views, gaining insights into user engagement with your multimedia content.

Dynamic Product Ads Pixel Configuration:

Configure your pixel for Dynamic Product Ads, optimizing your advertising strategy for e-commerce products.

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