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Real Media Library Plugin v4.22.10

The Real Media Library Plugin

Real Media Library Plugin (RML) stands out as an indispensable WordPress plugin designed to streamline and enhance the organization of your media assets, encompassing images, videos, and audio files. This innovative tool introduces a folder-based categorization system, closely mirroring the familiar structure of WordPress categories. The primary objective is to offer users a powerful solution for decluttering and optimizing their media library by creating a systematic folder hierarchy. This not only facilitates a more efficient workflow but also contributes significantly to the overall cleanliness and accessibility of your media collection.

Real Media Library Plugin

By leveraging Real Media Library, you gain the ability to curate your media content with the precision and ease of WordPress categories, ensuring a seamless and intuitive experience. One of the remarkable advantages this plugin brings to the table is the substantial reduction in your database size. Transitioning from databases that may span hundreds of megabytes, Real Media Library optimizes and refines your storage requirements to a fraction of that size—tens or even ones of megabytes. This not only contributes to a more streamlined and resource-efficient website but also enhances the performance of your WordPress instance.

In essence, Real Media Library is not just a tool; it’s a transformative solution for users seeking a sophisticated and user-friendly approach to media organization within the WordPress ecosystem. With the ability to structure your media files akin to WordPress categories, this plugin ensures that managing your digital assets becomes a breeze, ultimately leading to a more organized, efficient, and optimized WordPress experience.

Core Features of Real Media Library Plugin

WordPress 5.x / Gutenberg Ready

Real Media Library is fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress (5.x) and seamlessly integrates with the Gutenberg editor.

Folder for the WordPress Media Library

Introduce an intuitive folder system to your WordPress media library, enhancing organization and accessibility.

Drag & Drop Your Files

Utilize a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface for effortless file management within your media library.

Works Great on Touch Devices

Experience smooth and efficient functionality even on touch-enabled devices for on-the-go media organization.

Create Shortcuts of Files in Multiple Folders

Generate file shortcuts across various folders without consuming physical storage space, offering versatility in file organization.

Full Control Over Your Folders in One Toolbar

Effortlessly manage your folders with a comprehensive toolbar, enabling actions such as creation, renaming, and deletion.

Rearrange Folders Easily

Utilize drag-and-drop or specified criteria to rearrange folders, providing flexibility in organizing your media assets.

Sort Folder Contents with Drag & Drop or Criteria

Efficiently sort the contents of your folders using drag-and-drop or predefined criteria like A-Z.

Bulk Select and Delete Multiple Folders

Enhance efficiency by selecting and deleting multiple folders simultaneously, streamlining your media library management.

Filter in the WordPress Insert Media Dialogue

Enjoy a convenient filtering feature within the WordPress insert media dialogue for swift access to your media assets.

Advanced Media Library Uploader

Benefit from an advanced media library uploader, providing enhanced capabilities for seamless file uploads.

Upload Files Directly to a Folder

Streamline the uploading process by directly adding files to designated folders within your media library.

Create Dynamic Galleries with Gutenberg Block or Shortcode

Easily generate dynamic galleries from specific folders using either Gutenberg blocks or shortcodes.

Order Folder Contents with Drag & Drop or Criteria

Customize the order of folder contents using drag-and-drop or predefined criteria such as date or name.

Quick Folder Search for Navigation

Efficiently navigate through your folders with a quick search feature, ensuring swift access to desired locations.

Translated into Several Languages

Real Media Library is multilingual, offering translations in various languages for a global user base.

Compatible with Themes, Page Builders, and Plugins

Ensure seamless integration with major themes, popular page builders, and a wide array of plugins for enhanced compatibility.

Supports WordPress Multisite

Each page in WordPress Multisite can have its own folder tree, providing tailored media organization for every page.

GDPR/DSGVO Compliance

Rest easy knowing that the plugin prioritizes user privacy, collecting no personal data without explicit consent.

Import Categories/Folders from Various Plugins

Effortlessly import categories and folders from plugins like FileBird, WP Media Folder, Advanced Media Library, and more, ensuring a smooth transition.

What’s New (Changelog) in Real Media Library v4.22.4

v4.22.4 (2024-01-04)
### Bug Fixes

* when sorting folder content a file could not be moved to the end (CU-8693eq8j1)
<details><summary>Dependency updates @devowl-wp/utils 1.17.7</summary>
**_Purpose of dependency:_** _Utility functionality for all your WordPress plugins._
##### Build Process
* correctly autoload composer package files autoload.files per plugin (CU-8693dhuhv)</details>

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