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Restrict Content Pro Plugin v3.5.39 (+Addons)

Restrict Content Pro Plugin

Restrict Content Pro Plugin is a powerful membership solution for WordPress, perfect for businesses looking to lock away exclusive content and give access to valued members. With this plugin and its 17 included add-ons, businesses can easily create subscription packages, generate discount codes, accept payments, and manage members with ease.

Restrict Content Pro Plugin

Core Features of Restrict Content Pro Plugin

Core Features of Restrict Content Pro Plugin

    1. Discount Codes:

      • Generate an unlimited number of discount codes.
      • Provide percentage or flat-rate-based discounts effortlessly.
      • Enhance your promotional strategies with versatile discount options.
    2. Built-in Integrations:

      • Seamlessly accept credit card payments through Stripe, Braintree, 2Checkout,, or PayPal Website Payments Pro.
      • Support for PayPal Standard and Express ensures broader payment options.
      • Enable multiple payment gateways simultaneously for enhanced flexibility and user convenience.
    3. Reports:

      • Access elegant and user-friendly reports for a comprehensive view of your membership site’s performance.
      • Effortlessly track performance metrics for the current month or any specified time period.
      • Gain valuable insights to optimize and enhance your subscription model.
    4. Data Export:

      • Generate detailed CSV files to manage and analyze your membership data effectively.
      • Create CSV files for specific subscription levels, individual members, or payments made.
      • Streamline data handling and reporting for enhanced administrative efficiency.
    5. Extensive Help:

      • Access contextual help within the WordPress admin interface.
      • Receive relevant information at your fingertips, ensuring a smooth and informed user experience.
    6. Live Demonstration:

      • Explore a live demonstration site to experience the registration process firsthand.
      • Test and understand the subscriber journey, enhancing user familiarity and confidence.
    7. Unlimited Subscription Packages:

      • Create an extensive variety of subscription packages tailored to your unique offerings.
      • Effortlessly design free, trial, and premium subscription plans to cater to diverse user preferences.
    8. Members Management:

      • Effectively manage and monitor user activity with detailed member views.
      • Access information on active, pending, expired, cancelled, and free users for streamlined administration.
    9. Simple Setup:

      • Enjoy a user-friendly and straightforward setup process for delivering premium content seamlessly.
      • Navigate through easy-to-follow steps to enhance the accessibility of your exclusive content.
    10. Member Emails:

      • Initiate engagement by sending personalized welcome emails to new members.
      • Provide prompt email receipts for payment transactions, ensuring transparency and user confidence.
      • Automatically remind members before their account expires, promoting continued subscription and user retention.

What’s New (Changelog) in Restrict Content Pro v3.5.39 (+Addons)

3.5.39 – 2023-11-01 – Estevão de Oliveira da Costa
Fix: PayPal renew date
Fix: Extended compatibility with PHP 8.x
Fix: Prevent fatal error while trying to send emails using Event Tickets and The Events Calendar
Fix: Don’t allow negative values for maximum renewals
Misc: Updated telemetry key names
Security: Fixed issues with log file

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