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Ultimate Membership Pro Plugin v12.3

The Ultimate Membership Pro Plugin

Ultimate Membership Pro Plugin is a powerful, professional and easy-to-use WordPress Membership Plugin that allows you to create and work with multi-level exclusive access for your Members based on payment plans, free packages and other conditions you can set. The plugin provides an AMAZING set of options to help you get started selling your premium products as well as subscriptions right away!

Ultimate Membership Pro Plugin

Core Features of Ultimate Membership Pro Plugin:

  1. Multi-Levels:

    • Offers multi-level membership structures for flexible subscription models.
  2. Unlimited Paid/Free Membership Levels:

    • Provides the ability to create an unlimited number of paid and free membership levels to cater to diverse user needs.
  3. Content Lockers Protection:

    • Safeguards valuable content using content lockers to control access based on membership status.
  4. Payments Gateway:

    • Supports multiple payment gateways including PayPal,, Stripe, 2CheckOut, Braintree, Payza, and Bank Transfer for versatile transaction options.
  5. Sell Subscriptions via WooCommerce:

    • Enables the seamless selling of subscriptions through the WooCommerce platform for a unified e-commerce experience.
  6. Trial Free/Paid Period:

    • Facilitates trial periods, both free and paid, allowing users to experience membership benefits before committing.
  7. Drip Content Protection:

    • Implements drip content protection, enabling the gradual release of content based on specific timelines or user interactions.
  8. Restrict Pages or Any URL:

    • Empowers website owners to restrict access to specific pages or URLs, offering enhanced control over content visibility.
  9. Subscriptions Plan:

    • Provides structured subscription plans to cater to various user preferences and requirements.
  10. MultiPayments Option:

    • Offers flexibility in payment options with support for multiple payment methods to enhance user convenience.
  11. Login Predefined Templates:

    • Incorporates predefined templates for login interfaces, ensuring a consistent and visually appealing user experience.
  12. Register Predefined Templates:

    • Utilizes predefined templates for the registration process, streamlining the user onboarding experience.
  13. Menu Protection:

    • Implements menu protection, allowing administrators to control menu access based on membership levels.
  14. 9 Email Marketing Platforms Integrated:

    • Integrates seamlessly with nine popular email marketing platforms for efficient communication with members.
  15. Visual Composer Integrated:
    • Features integration with Visual Composer, a renowned page builder, for easy and customizable content creation.
  16. Keywords Restrictions:

    • Implements keyword restrictions, providing additional security measures for content access based on predefined keywords.

What’s New (Changelog) in Ultimate Membership Pro v12.2
Version 12.2 – 12.20.2023
– Added: Members counted on each Membership with direct link to the members list
– Fixed: Constant {amount} value and format on certain situations
– Changed: The plugin crons registration process during update
– Fixed: Prorating Subscription management for Lifetime and Limited memberships type
– Changed: Bank Trasfer payments during registration process

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