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WooCommerce Extra Product Options Plugin v6.4.2

The WooCommerce Extra Product Options Plugin

WooCommerce Extra Product Options Plugin extension, also known as Extra Product Options & Add-Ons for WooCommerce by ThemeComplete, stands as a powerful tool for enhancing your e-commerce experience. This extension empowers you to go beyond basic product variations by enabling the creation of intricate product variants and add-ons. Whether you’re offering customizable options such as different colors, sizes, or additional features, this extension provides a platform for building complex product configurations.

WooCommerce Extra Product Options Plugin

With the inclusion of pricing and conditional logic, such as color choices or size options, you can seamlessly tailor your products to meet the diverse needs and preferences of your customers. Elevate your online store’s capabilities and offer a more personalized shopping experience with the WooCommerce Extra Product Options extension, where versatility and customization take center stage.

Core Features of WooCommerce Extra Product Options Plugin

Core Features of the WooCommerce Extra Product Options Plugin:

Versatile Field Types:

Supports an array of field types such as check-boxes, radio buttons, select boxes, text-areas, input boxes, upload, date, range picker, color picker, and product elements. Additional field types are continually being developed.

Global Configuration:

Enable or disable the plugin and global options for specific roles, allowing for comprehensive control over its functionality.

Shop and Category View Options:

Enable extra options in the shop and category views, tailoring the user experience and product presentation.

Dynamic Add-to-Cart Button:

Hide the add-to-cart button until an option is chosen, ensuring a streamlined and intuitive shopping process.

Options Placement Control:

Control the placement of the options and totals box, offering flexibility in the display of additional product choices.

Floating Totals Box:

Opt for a floating totals box to showcase the selected options dynamically, enhancing user interaction.

String Customization:

Alter various plugin strings directly from the control panel, allowing for easy customization of text elements.

Validation Features:

Benefit from built-in validation features to ensure accurate input and selection.

Form Fields Builder:

Construct complex forms effortlessly with the intuitive form fields builder.

Display Options Outside Product Screen:

Showcase your options beyond the WooCommerce product screen using action hooks, extending the reach of your customization.

Pricing Flexibility:

Choose between fixed or percentage price increase, providing versatile pricing options.

Selection Control:

Limit check-box selection and utilize the exact selection feature for precise control.

Import/Export Functionality:

Easily manage forms with import/export functions, streamlining the transfer of configurations.

Lazy Load Images:

Optimize performance with lazy loading for images in radios and check-boxes.

Image Replacement:

Dynamically change product images based on radio and check-box selections.

Price per Character:

Implement a price per character feature for text-fields and text-areas, offering granular pricing control.

Styling Enhancement:

Apply extra styling to radios and check-boxes, ensuring a visually appealing presentation.

Performance Optimization:

Experience improved performance, particularly beneficial for a large number of options.

Global Options Customization:

Implement image replacement and grid display choices for check-boxes and radio buttons in global options.

Price Display Control:

Choose to hide or show prices based on your business model and strategy.

Section Display Options:

Display sections options as a pop-up or slider, enhancing the presentation of additional choices.

Conditional Logic:

Implement conditional logic for fields and sections within the form builder, offering a dynamic and responsive user experience.

Upload Manager:

Utilize the upload manager to seamlessly handle file uploads and attachments.

Comprehensive Documentation:

Access detailed documentation for easy installation, setup, and customization guidance.

The WooCommerce Extra Product Options Plugin offers a robust set of features designed to enhance your e-commerce capabilities, providing unparalleled flexibility and customization for a superior shopping experience.

What’s New (Changelog) in WooCommerce Extra Product Options v6.4.2

v6.4.2 – December 31, 2023
Fixed a styling issue with the section box template.
Fixed FOX currency switcher compatibility.
Fixed a CSS issue where auto image size swatches were colliding on mobile.
Introduced four new math variables {options_total}, {product_price_plus_options_total}, {cumulative_total} and {product_price_plus_cumulative_total}.
Fixed an issue that was causing error with some LightSpeed configurations.
Fixed an issue with multiple upload elements that were giving an error upon posting to the cart.
Added basic checks in the backend to visually see if the formula is correct or not.
Fixed PHP 8.1x compatibility.
Fixed an issue with the math formula that was creating an error when referencing the element that was using it.
Fixed compatibility with WPML.
Fixed the display of several elements in the cart, checkout and order.
Added the multiple file upload element.

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