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WooCommerce Multi Currency Plugin v2.3.0

WooCommerce Multi Currency Plugin

WooCommerce Multi Currency Plugin offers you the flexibility to establish a singular currency for your entire online store or grants your customers the convenience to seamlessly switch between various currencies. Once activated, the product prices dynamically adjust to be showcased in the customer’s native currency throughout the entire website, ensuring a personalized shopping experience.

WooCommerce Multi Currency Plugin

This feature extends to custom prices, including sale prices, providing a consistent and user-friendly interface. Moreover, the coupon and cart total are accurately presented in alignment with the currency of the original price, offering clarity and transparency in transactions. This powerful functionality enhances the global appeal of your online store, catering to diverse customers with ease and precision.

Core Features of the WooCommerce Multi Currency Plugin

Auto Update Exchange Rate:

Ensure real-time accuracy by enabling the automatic update of exchange rates, keeping your prices up-to-date and reflective of current market conditions.

Successful Update Exchange Rate Email:

Receive notifications via email to stay informed about successful updates to exchange rates, providing transparency and accountability in currency management.

Set the Exchange Rate Manually:

Customize your exchange rates according to your preferences by manually setting rates, giving you control over the pricing strategy.

Exchange Fee:

Implement exchange fees seamlessly within the plugin, allowing you to manage and account for any additional charges associated with currency conversion.

Price Formatting:

Tailor the formatting of prices to align with your brand’s style, ensuring a consistent and professional presentation across your online store.

Custom Currency Symbol:

Personalize the currency symbols to match your brand identity, adding a touch of uniqueness to the way prices are displayed.

Fixed Price:

Stabilize prices by setting fixed values, providing a reliable reference point for customers regardless of fluctuating exchange rates.

Hidden Currency:

Optimize the user experience by selectively hiding specific currencies, streamlining the selection process and focusing on relevant options.

Select Currency Exchange Rate Server:

Choose from various currency exchange rate servers to align with your preferences and ensure reliable data sources for accurate conversions.


Enhance user sessions by incorporating the SESSION feature, providing a seamless and personalized browsing experience for your customers.

Currency Price Switcher:

Empower customers to switch effortlessly between currencies, fostering a user-friendly interface and accommodating a diverse audience with varying currency preferences.

What’s New (Changelog) in WooCommerce Multi Currency v2.3.0
v2.3.0 – 2023.10.10
– Fix: Issues with WPC Product Bundles for WooCommerce plugin by WPClever
– Fix: Finance API Wise change to sandbox development
– Fix: Status replaced when overridden by price when using Custom Stock Status
– Fix: Conflict with CheckoutWC option Template Loader Distraction Free Portal
– Fix: Conflict fixed price with Extra Product Options & Add-Ons for WooCommerce by ThemeComplete
– Fix: Conflict shipping price with Envia Shipping and Fulfillment
– Fix: Conflict fixed price in the invoice with Germanized for WooCommerce
– Fix: Conflict fixed price with Advanced Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce by AlgolPlus
– Fix: Error when changing currency when checkout page not set
– Fix: Wrong COD price with WooCommerce Smart COD
– Update: Issues with WooCommerce Product Add-ons version 6.4 and higher
– Update: Add direction=’top’ param for widget shortcode plain_vertical to open select to top
– Update: Add MaxMind Geolocation Geo API to detect customer country
– Update: Add option to edit thousand separator and decimal separator for each currency
– Update: Add option to edit position of Currency Price Switcher
– Update: Compatible with High-Performance order storage (COT)

Sales Page and Live Demo of WooCommerce Multi Currency Plugin

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