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Wordfence Premium Plugin v7.11.2

Wordfence Premium Plugin

Wordfence Premium Plugin stands as an unparalleled security fortress for WordPress websites, providing robust protection against a diverse array of cyber threats. With an unparalleled download count, it stands as the most sought-after security plugin, attesting to its unwavering effectiveness and widespread popularity.

Wordfence Premium Plugin

At the heart of its potency lies the Threat Defense Feed, a dynamic resource continually updated with the latest security intelligence. Leveraging this feed, the Wordfence Firewall acts as an impregnable barrier, thwarting hackers and malevolent entities, shielding your website from potential breaches. It’s a proactive defense mechanism that actively blocks malicious bots and combats brute force login attempts, fortifying your website’s defenses comprehensively.

Beyond its formidable firewall capabilities, Wordfence Premium introduces the Scan feature. Harnessing the same proprietary Threat Defense Feed, it promptly notifies you of any potential compromise, enabling swift responses to minimize damage and avert subsequent attacks. This proactive approach to security ensures that your website remains resilient in the face of evolving threats.

The Live Traffic view in Wordfence Premium offers real-time insights into your website’s traffic, highlighting ongoing hack attempts and activities. This invaluable feature empowers you to identify potential threats on the fly, allowing you to enact immediate and targeted countermeasures, ensuring the ongoing security of your WordPress site. With Wordfence Premium, your website is not just protected; it’s fortified with a proactive shield that adapts to the ever-changing landscape of online threats.

Core Features of Wordfence Premium Plugin

  1. Threat Defense Feed: Constantly updated feed that provides the latest security information to the plugin’s firewall and scan features.
  2. Firewall: Blocks hackers and other malicious entities from accessing your website by identifying and stopping malicious traffic before it reaches your site.
  3. Scan: Uses the Threat Defense Feed to quickly alert you if your website has been compromised, allowing you to take immediate action to minimize damage and prevent further attacks.
  4. Live Traffic View: Provides real-time visibility into the traffic and hack attempts on your website, allowing you to identify potential threats and take appropriate measures to mitigate them.
  5. Additional Tools: A comprehensive set of additional tools that further enhance the security of your website, such as Two-Factor Authentication, Login Security, and Country Blocking.
  6. Malware Scanner: Scans your website files for malware and other security threats, allowing you to identify and remove any malicious code.
  7. Advanced Blocking: Allows you to block specific IP addresses, countries, and user agents to prevent them from accessing your website.
  8. Login Security: Provides advanced login security options to protect against brute force attacks and other login-related threats.
  9. Two-Factor Authentication: Provides an additional layer of security to your website login process by requiring a second authentication factor in addition to your password.
  10. Email Alerts: Sends email alerts to notify you of any security threats or issues detected on your website.
  11. Support: Offers world-class support to help you troubleshoot and resolve any security issues you may encounter on your website.

What’s New (Changelog) in Wordfence Premium v7.11.1

= v7.11.1 – January 2, 2024 =
* Improvement: Added “.env” to the files checked for “Scan for publicly accessible configuration, backup, or log files”
* Improvement: Provided better descriptive text for the option “Block IPs who send POST requests with blank User-Agent and Referer”
* Improvement: The diagnostics page now displays the contents of any `auto_prepend_file` .htaccess/.user.ini block for troubleshooting
* Fix: Fixed an issue where a login lockout on a WooCommerce login form could fail silently
* Fix: The scan result for abandoned plugins no longer states it has been removed from if it is still listed
* Fix: Addressed an exception parsing date information in non-repo plugins that have a bad `last_updated` value
* Fix: The URL scanner no longer generates a log warning when matching a potential URL fragment that ends up not being a valid URL

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