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WP Mail SMTP Pro Plugin v3.11.0

WP Mail SMTP Pro Plugin

WP Mail SMTP Pro Plugin is a powerful and easy-to-use plugin that helps solve the problem of unreliable email delivery from WordPress websites. With this plugin, you can easily configure your WordPress site to use SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) or PHP mailer to send emails, ensuring that they are delivered reliably and consistently to your users.

WP Mail SMTP Pro Plugin

Core Features of WP Mail SMTP Pro

Certainly! Here are the features of the WP Mail SMTP Pro:

  1. Versatile Email-Sending Options:

    • WP Mail SMTP Pro offers a variety of email-sending options, empowering users to select from SMTP, PHP Mailer, or third-party services such as Gmail, Office 365, or SendGrid.
  2. Flexible Customization Settings:

    • Enjoy a high level of customization with the plugin, allowing adjustments to a broad spectrum of settings. Personalize the sender’s name and email address, configure the SMTP host and port, and choose the authentication method that suits your requirements.
  3. Effortless Test Email Functionality:

    • Test your email-sending configuration effortlessly using the plugin’s built-in test email functionality. Ensure that your email system operates seamlessly by verifying its functionality.
  4. Advanced Debugging Capabilities:

    • Experience unparalleled troubleshooting support with the plugin’s advanced debugging options. In case of any email delivery issues, these features assist you in identifying and resolving problems efficiently.
  5. Priority Premium Support:

    • Opting for the premium version of WP Mail SMTP Pro provides you with exclusive access to priority support from the plugin’s expert development team. Receive top-notch assistance for any inquiries or concerns you may encounter during

What’s New (Changelog) in WP Mail SMTP Pro v3.11.0

## [3.11.0] – 2023-12-12
### Added:
– One-click setup for Gmail mailer (the easiest way to set up Gmail mailer).
– Filter to customize the capability required for managing the plugin.

### Changed:
– Hide test tab movement notice for new users.
– Improved keyboard navigation styles for the Setup Wizard.
– Removed `WPMailSMTPAdminPluginsInstallUpgrader` class and switched to the WordPress Core `Plugin_Upgrader` class.

### Fixed:
– Fatal error in the Pro Site Health module if the Lite module was not loaded.
– PHP deprecation notices in the Setup Wizard on WordPress 6.4 and above.
– PHP deprecation notice for `mb_convert_encoding` function on PHP 8.2 and above.

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