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WP User Frontend Pro Plugin v4.0.7

WP User Frontend Pro Plugin

WP User Frontend Pro Plugin by WeDevs stands out as the ultimate solution for developers seeking seamless construction of contemporary registration, profile, and contact forms on WordPress. This comprehensive plugin offers a user-friendly experience, making the process of creating and managing forms a breeze. Designed with built-in support for WooCommerce Products, Profiles, and Subscriptions, WP User Frontend Pro goes above and beyond in facilitating the efficient management of service users.

WP User Frontend Pro Plugin

What sets WP User Frontend Pro apart is its unparalleled features, including support for Custom Post Types and the inclusion of beautifully crafted widgets. This innovative plugin opens up a realm of possibilities by allowing developers to effortlessly integrate and manage various types of content, ensuring a dynamic and engaging user experience.

With WP User Frontend Pro, the creation of user-friendly and visually appealing forms becomes an intuitive process. Developers can take advantage of its capabilities to streamline registration processes, enhance user profiles, and establish effective communication channels through contact forms. The plugin’s compatibility with WooCommerce Products ensures a seamless e-commerce experience, providing a holistic solution for website administrators.

Moreover, WP User Frontend Pro stands as a testament to its commitment to empowering developers with advanced tools. The support for Custom Post Types introduces a level of versatility not commonly found in other plugins, allowing for the creation and management of diverse content types tailored to specific needs.

The inclusion of Beautiful Widgets adds an aesthetic touch to the user interface, contributing to an overall visually pleasing website. This feature goes beyond functionality to enhance the design elements, ensuring that the forms created with WP User Frontend Pro not only perform flawlessly but also present a professional and engaging appearance.

In essence, WP User Frontend Pro stands as the go-to choice for developers who seek a comprehensive solution for frontend form management on WordPress. Its powerful features, from WooCommerce integration to Custom Post Types and Beautiful Widgets, empower developers to elevate their websites with modern, functional, and visually appealing forms.

Core Features of WP User Frontend Pro Plugin

20+ Modules:

Seamlessly integrate BuddyPress, Paid Memberships Pro, Social Login, User Directory, User Activity, Stripe, MailChimp, Private Messaging, HTML Email Templates, and more to enhance your website’s functionality.

Content Restriction:

Control access to content based on user roles or other parameters to tailor the user experience.

Menu Restriction:

Restrict menu items based on user roles or other criteria to manage navigation effectively.

Post Expiration Facility:

Implement post expiration dates for time-sensitive content management.

Conditional Logic:

Apply conditional logic to forms for dynamic and responsive user interactions.

Profile Form Builder:

Craft personalized user profiles effortlessly with an intuitive form builder.

18 Custom Fields:

Access a variety of custom fields to gather specific information from users.

Custom Taxonomy Support:

Utilize custom taxonomies to organize and categorize content effectively.

Post Update Notification:

Keep users informed with notifications when posts are updated.

Multistep Forms:

Optimize user engagement with multistep forms for a user-friendly experience.

Payment Invoice:

Generate invoices seamlessly as part of the payment process for enhanced financial tracking.


Implement coupon functionality for promotions and user incentives.

Different Profile Edit Forms for Different User Roles:

Tailor the editing experience with distinct forms for various user roles.

Profile Fields Generated on the Backend:

Enjoy backend support for efficiently managing user profile fields.

Custom Taxonomies:

Leverage custom taxonomies to enhance content organization and structure.

Taxonomy Restriction:

Manage access to content based on taxonomy, ensuring controlled content distribution.

Form Layouts and Form Templates:

Personalize form layouts and templates to match your website’s aesthetic.

WooCommerce Support:

Seamlessly integrate with WooCommerce for a comprehensive e-commerce experience.

Registration Form Builder:

Create and customize registration forms effortlessly to gather essential user information.

Assign New Roles to Forms:

Dynamically assign new roles to forms to streamline user categorization.

Captcha Support:

Enhance form security with built-in support for CAPTCHA.

Update User Profile Information from Frontend:

Empower users to update profile information directly from the frontend.

Files & Attachments Upload:

Enable users to upload files and attachments for seamless content sharing.

Avatar Upload:

Personalize user profiles with custom avatar uploads.

User Profiles in the Backend:

Efficiently manage user profiles from the backend for administrative convenience.

Exclusive Contents:

Control access to exclusive content, offering a unique user experience.

Frontend Customizer:

Tailor the frontend appearance with a customizable interface for a cohesive design.

More Email Notification Options:

Expand your communication options with additional email notification features.

Tax in Payments:

Integrate tax calculations seamlessly into payment processes.

Vendor Registration Template for Dokan, WC Marketplace, WC Vendors:

Streamline vendor registration with dedicated templates for popular marketplace plugins, including Dokan, WC Marketplace, and WC Vendors.

Unleash the potential of WP User Frontend Pro, a feature-rich plugin designed to elevate user interactions and content management on your WordPress website.

What’s New (Changelog) in WP User Frontend Pro v3.4.14

= v3.4.14 (31 Aug, 2023) =
* Fix – Update QR fields from WP admin dashboard
* Fix – Form bug for pass strength meter setting

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