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WPC Price by User Role for WooCommerce 2.1.0

The WPC Price by User Role for WooCommerce

WPC Price by User Role for WooCommerce by User Role offers site administrators a comprehensive list of major roles on the site, allowing them to set pricing rules based on various levels of user privileges. If you wish to enhance security measures and encourage increased user interaction, you also have the option to conceal prices, prompting guests to log in to view the pricing details.

WPC Price by User Role for WooCommerce

WPC Price by User Role for WooCommerce Features

1. Adjust the General Tab Price for Different User Groups

Customize pricing for various user groups by adjusting the general tab price, allowing for tailored pricing based on user roles.

2. Display Full Price Format: Regular & Sale Prices

Present both regular and sale prices in their complete format, ensuring transparency and clarity in showcasing product pricing to customers.

3. Hide Prices and ATC Button Based on Specific Roles

Conceal product prices and the “Add to Cart” button selectively, catering to specific user roles and controlling access to pricing information.

4. Require Guest Login to See Product Prices

Enhance security and engagement by mandating guest users to log in before gaining access to view product prices on your WooCommerce store.

5. Highly Flexible Input Types for Prices

Enjoy a high degree of flexibility with multiple input types, accommodating both numerical values and percentages for adjusting prices according to your preferences.

6. Set Up a Fixed New Price as Regular or Sale Price or Both

Easily configure a fixed new price for products, specifying whether it applies as the regular price, sale price, or both, providing versatile pricing options.

7. Set Up a Dynamic New Price Using a Percentage of the Original Price

Opt for dynamic pricing by establishing a new price based on a percentage of the original price, allowing for adaptive and responsive pricing strategies.

8. Leave Blank or Use 100% to Keep the Original Prices

Exercise control over pricing adjustments by leaving fields blank or setting percentages to 100%, ensuring that the original prices remain unchanged when needed.

9. Pricing Rules at Two Levels: Global (Storewide) or Individual Products (Premium)

Implement pricing rules at different levels, either globally across the entire store or specifically for individual products, offering comprehensive control and customization.

Download WPC Price by User Role for WooCommerce

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