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wpDataTables Tables and Charts Manager v6.2 for WordPress

The wpDataTables Tables and Charts Manager

wpDataTables Tables and Charts Manager stands out as a widely acclaimed WordPress table plugin, offering an efficient solution for swiftly generating dynamic data tables and visually appealing table charts. With the capability to import data seamlessly from sources like Excel, CSV, XML, JSON, and PHP, this versatile WP table plugin empowers users to present extensive and intricate datasets in a clear, user-friendly manner.

wpDataTables Tables and Charts Manager

Whether you opt for traditional tables or dynamic charts, our plugin ensures an effortless process for transforming complex data into comprehensible visual representations, enhancing the accessibility and interpretability of your information. Elevate your data presentation with wpDataTables, a tool designed to streamline the creation of tables and charts, fostering a more engaging and insightful user experience.

wpDataTables WordPress Plugin Features:

  1. Dynamic Table Creation:

    • Generate and manage tables effortlessly using existing data sources, ensuring a seamless integration of information onto your WordPress site.
  2. Table Constructor for Manual Creation:

    • Utilize the intuitive Table Constructor feature to manually create custom tables tailored to your specific requirements, offering a high degree of flexibility in design and structure.
  3. Total Display in Table Footer:

    • Enhance data comprehension by displaying comprehensive totals in the table footer, providing users with a quick overview of cumulative values.
  4. Formula Columns for Calculated Values:

    • Incorporate Formula columns to showcase calculated values within your tables, enabling dynamic data analysis and representation.
  5. Cell and Row Highlighting:

    • Improve data visibility and emphasis by highlighting cells and rows based on specific cell values, drawing attention to critical information.
  6. Front-End or Back-End Data Table Editing:

    • Opt for the convenience of either front-end or back-end data table editing, ensuring a user-friendly experience for both administrators and end-users.
  7. Automatic MySQL Query Generation:

    • Streamline your database interactions with the plugin’s ability to automatically generate MySQL queries, simplifying the process of fetching and displaying data.
  8. User-Specific Row Editing Permissions:

    • Enhance data security by allowing users to edit only their own rows, providing personalized control over data modifications.
  9. Import from Excel, CSV, or Google Spreadsheets:

    • Effortlessly import data from external sources such as Excel, CSV, or Google Spreadsheets directly into editable tables, eliminating manual data entry and reducing the likelihood of errors.
  10. Efficient Handling of Large Datasets:

    • Ensure optimal performance even with large datasets, as the plugin is designed to handle substantial amounts of data swiftly and efficiently.
  11. Fully Customizable Design:

    • Tailor the appearance of your tables to match your website’s aesthetic with a fully customizable design, allowing you to create cohesive and visually appealing data displays.
  12. Compatibility with Visual Composer:

    • Seamlessly integrate wpDataTables with Visual Composer, a popular page builder, for a cohesive and intuitive design experience without compromising on functionality.

Download wpDataTables Plugin

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