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ACF Views Pro WP Plugin v1.8.5

The ACF Views Pro WP Plugin

ACF Views Pro WP Plugin is a plugin that enables users to display selected ACF fields or posts anywhere on their website using shortcodes.

It provides an easy way to display ACF fields or posts anywhere on your website using shortcodes. With advanced customization options, including HTML markup editing, custom variables, meta field and taxonomy filtering, repeater field type support, and more, this plugin can help you create custom views without requiring any coding knowledge.

ACF Views Pro WP Plugin

Core Features of ACF Views Pro WP Plugin

The ACF Views Pro WordPress Plugin has emerged as a powerhouse for users seeking unparalleled control and customization over their views and cards. With a focus on empowering users with advanced HTML markup editing, custom variables, and extended support for diverse field types, this plugin transforms the way content is presented on WordPress websites. This article explores the core features of ACF Views Pro, highlighting its capabilities in elevating the design and functionality of views and cards.

1. HTML Markup Editing: Elevate Your Layouts:

ACF Views Pro takes customization to the next level by providing users with the ability to edit the markup output of their views and cards. This feature is a game-changer, allowing for the creation of more advanced layouts. Users can tailor the default post markup, incorporate custom variables, and unleash their creativity in designing visually appealing and unique displays.

2. Full Control of HTML in the Admin Panel: No PHP Skills Required:

One of the standout features of ACF Views Pro is its user-friendly approach to HTML editing. Users can seamlessly edit HTML within the WordPress admin panel without the need for PHP skills. This empowers a broader range of users, including those without coding expertise, to take full control of the HTML output, fostering a more intuitive and accessible content creation process.

3. Custom Variables for Enhanced Post Control:

ACF Views Pro introduces the concept of custom variables, providing users with a powerful tool for enhancing control over post selection and filtering within their views. This feature enables a more dynamic and personalized presentation of content, catering to the diverse needs of website owners and content creators.

4. Meta Field and Taxonomy Filters: Precision in Post Filtering:

The plugin offers precise post filtering through meta field and taxonomy filters, supporting even the most complex queries. With AJAX pagination, users can effortlessly navigate through sets of posts without delving into intricate coding. This feature streamlines the user experience, making content exploration seamless and efficient.

5. Repeater Field Type Support: Dynamic Display of Sets:

Unlocking the potential of repeater field types, ACF Views Pro facilitates the creation of dynamic sets of items within views. Users can effortlessly design grids or lists, adding a layer of versatility to their content presentation. This feature significantly expands the range of design possibilities, enhancing the visual appeal of WordPress websites.

6. Repeater with Sub Fields: Custom Gutenberg Blocks On-the-Fly:

In a move towards unparalleled flexibility, ACF Views Pro allows users to edit markup for sub fields within a view. This unique feature empowers users to create custom Gutenberg blocks on-the-fly, promoting seamless integration and design innovation within the WordPress editor.

7. Extended Support for Field Types: Complexity Made Simple:

The Pro version of the plugin extends its support to complex field types such as Relationship and Post Object, providing users with advanced functionality. Additionally, Gallery field types benefit from options like Masonry and Lightbox, enriching the visual experience for both creators and viewers.

8. Shortcode Placement: Flexibility in Display:

ACF Views Pro introduces shortcode placement options that transcend traditional boundaries. Users can add plugin shortcodes to pages and custom post type items without touching a line of code. The introduction of Mount Points further enhances flexibility, enabling the addition of shortcodes to non-editable areas, limiting them to specific posts or post types.

ACF Views Pro stands as a feature-rich solution for WordPress users seeking unprecedented control over the presentation of their content. From HTML markup editing to dynamic repeater field support, the plugin empowers users with the tools needed to craft visually stunning and highly customized views and cards, redefining the possibilities of content presentation on WordPress websites.

What’s New (Changelog) in ACF Views Pro v1.8.5

= 1.8.5 (2023-02-18): =
– Fixed skipping Fields Groups from JSON only
– Fixed relationship field shortcode (was only printed)
– Improved the Map field support
– Updated Readme (Installation tab)

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