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Amazon Affiliate (AAWP) Plugin Latest v3.31.0

The Amazon Affiliate (AAWP) Plugin

Amazon Affiliate (AAWP) Plugin Latest by Getaawp is a powerful tool for website owners who participate in the Amazon Affiliate Program. The plugin offers a wide range of benefits, including shortcodes, widgets, and PHP functions that make it easy to integrate Amazon products into any WordPress website. With this plugin, users can earn additional commissions for referring Amazon Prime customers, while also benefiting from SSL/HTTPS support and Google AMP support.

Amazon Affiliate (AAWP) Plugin Latest

One of the key features of the plugin is its ability to generate dynamic text links for Amazon products. Users can issue a specific product name in their content, and the corresponding link and output name will be generated automatically. The product name can also be overwritten manually if desired.

The plugin also allows users to display single or multiple product boxes in their posts or pages with just one shortcode. These visually appealing product boxes include features like the product title, description, current availability and prices, discounts, and call-to-action buttons. In addition, the plugin offers automated lists of bestsellers and new releases, allowing users to showcase the top-selling products or the latest products within a specific product group.

Another feature of the plugin is the ability to place individual product information, such as the title, description, current price, or buy button, anywhere in posts or pages using “fields”. These fields can also be used directly inside templates files via the provided PHP functions.

The plugin also offers widgets to help users integrate Amazon products into their sidebar, with the ability to choose between the core functionality listed above. Alternatively, users can also place the shortcodes in a text widget or Visual Composer.

Core Features of Amazon Affiliate (AAWP) Plugin

The Amazon Affiliate (AAWP) Plugin stands as a cornerstone for WordPress users venturing into the realm of affiliate marketing. This robust plugin integrates seamlessly with Amazon, offering a plethora of features to effortlessly showcase products and maximize affiliate commissions. Let’s delve into the core features that make AAWP an indispensable tool for affiliate marketers and content creators.

Diverse Integration Options:

AAWP provides a variety of integration options, including shortcodes, widgets, and PHP functions, facilitating the easy embedding of Amazon products into WordPress websites. This versatility ensures that users can choose the method that best suits their content and design preferences.

Dynamic Text Links:

Elevate your affiliate links with dynamic text links. AAWP automatically generates corresponding links and output names based on specific product names, streamlining the process of linking to Amazon products seamlessly within your content.

Visually Appealing Product Boxes:

Impress your audience with visually appealing product boxes. AAWP allows users to display single or multiple product boxes, complete with essential details such as product title, description, current availability, prices, discounts, and compelling call-to-action buttons.

Automated Bestsellers and New Releases Lists:

AAWP takes the hassle out of showcasing popular products by offering automated lists of bestsellers and new releases. Users have the flexibility to set the number of products individually, ensuring dynamic and up-to-date content on their websites.

Individual Product Information Placement:

Tailor your content with precision by placing individual product information anywhere within posts or pages using “fields.” Whether it’s the title, description, current price, or buy button, AAWP empowers users with granular control over product presentation.

Pre-Built Templates and Styles:

AAWP simplifies the design process with pre-built templates and styles, offering flexibility in configuration. For users seeking custom presentations, the plugin supports PHP templating, providing advanced customization options for a unique and tailored look.

SSL/HTTPS and Google AMP Support:

Prioritizing website security and optimization, AAWP supports SSL/HTTPS and Google AMP. This ensures a secure and streamlined performance, adhering to industry standards and enhancing the overall user experience.

Geo Targeting for Foreign Visitors:

AAWP goes global by incorporating geo targeting functionality. This feature caters to foreign visitors, optimizing the affiliate marketing strategy for diverse audiences and unlocking the potential for additional commissions from referred Amazon Prime customers.

Widget Integration for Sidebar Display:

Seamlessly integrate Amazon products into your website’s sidebar with AAWP widgets. Users can choose from the core functionality listed above, providing a visually cohesive and informative display in the sidebar area.

Flexible Configuration via Plugin Settings:

AAWP ensures a personalized touch with flexible configuration options via plugin settings. Users can tailor the integration of Amazon products into their WordPress websites to align with their unique branding and content strategies.

The Amazon Affiliate (AAWP) Plugin stands as a feature-rich solution for affiliate marketers seeking a seamless and visually appealing integration of Amazon products into their WordPress websites. From diverse integration options and dynamic text links to automated lists and advanced customization, AAWP empowers users to elevate their affiliate marketing strategy with ease. Invest in AAWP and unlock the potential to monetize your content effectively, captivate your audience, and maximize affiliate commissions.

What’s New (Changelog) in Amazon Affiliate (AAWP) v3.31.0

= v3.31.0 (12th December 2023) =
* New: Click tracking statistics export
* Tweak: Elementor widget rebuild
* Tweak: Specific error message for the search API
* Fix: Image proxy revers to “deny” when other settings are saved
* Fix: Cache renewal checking interval causing high API calls
* Fix: Amazon Prime not available for .com.br
* Fix: Incorrect renewed products count in the logs
* Fix: PHP Error with already deleted products in products listtable
* Fix: Images fetched from AAWP API has incorrect source
* Fix: Deprecated method screen_belongs_to_advanced_ads()

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