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Amelia WordPress Plugin v7.4.2

The Amelia WordPress Plugin

Amelia WordPress Plugin is your automated booking specialist. With unique features like full appointment display, appointment reminder emails, and dynamic mobile notifications, your new bookings will go up while your no-shows will go down. Unique features to help you measure performance and make data-driven decisions include analytics tracking, heat maps, and segmented reports. Take control of your scheduling today!

Amelia WordPress Plugin

Core Features of Amelia WordPress Plugin

Intuitive Search-Like Booking Interface:

Amelia revolutionizes the booking experience with its intuitive search-like interface. Offering users a seamless way to find and book services, this feature ensures a user-friendly and efficient booking process.

Catalog View for Categories and Services:

Organize your offerings effortlessly with Amelia’s catalog view. Users can browse through categories and services efficiently, enhancing their ability to discover and choose the services that best suit their needs.

Step-By-Step Booking Wizard:

Simplify the booking process with a step-by-step booking wizard. This feature guides users through each stage of the booking journey, providing a clear and structured approach for a smooth and hassle-free experience.

On-Site Payments Support:

Streamline the payment process by offering on-site payment options. Amelia facilitates seamless transactions directly on your website, enhancing user convenience and expediting the booking process.

PayPal Payments Support:

Integrate the widely-used PayPal payment gateway into your booking system. Amelia’s PayPal Payments Support ensures secure and reliable transactions, instilling confidence in your users.

Stripe Payments Support:

Embrace flexibility with Stripe Payments Support. Enable users to make payments using the popular Stripe platform, expanding your payment options and catering to a broader audience.

Informative Back-End Dashboard:

Empower administrators with a comprehensive back-end dashboard. Amelia’s informative dashboard provides a centralized hub for managing bookings, services, employees, and more, ensuring efficient business operation.

Interactive Calendar for Scheduling:

Optimize scheduling with an interactive calendar feature. Amelia’s calendar functionality enables easy navigation, booking management, and efficient scheduling for both administrators and users.

Support for Multiple Employees:

Accommodate businesses with multiple team members by leveraging Amelia’s support for multiple employees. Easily assign bookings, manage schedules, and streamline operations with this valuable feature.

Support for Multiple Services and Categories:

Amelia caters to a diverse range of services and categories. This flexibility allows businesses to showcase and manage a variety of offerings, ensuring a tailored solution for various industries and niches.

Support for Appointment Extras:

Enhance the booking experience with support for appointment extras. Amelia allows businesses to offer additional services or enhancements during the booking process, providing users with personalized options.

Support for Multiple Business Locations:

Businesses with multiple locations benefit from Amelia’s support for multiple business locations. Manage bookings, services, and employees seamlessly across various sites, ensuring efficient operation and organization.


What’s New (Changelog) in Amelia v7.3

v7.3 (21.12.2023)
Update with a new feature, an improvement, and a couple of bug fixes:
Feature: Multiple selections in shortcode- choose multiple tags or events within a single webpage when using the Event List form
Feature: Added option to set daily appointment limits for employees
Improvement: Added a new filter option for customers based on the No-show tag
Updated and added new translations: Romanian, Sweden and Dutch
BugFix: Fixed issue with double appointments when booked at the same time in the customer panel
BugFix: Fixed issue with checkbox label custom field
BugFix: Fixed issue with Event location and ‘Load Entities on page load’ option
BugFix: Fixed issue with notifications not being sent when appointments are approved/rejected via links
BugFix: Fixed issue with dashboard optimization
Other small bug fixes and stability improvements

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