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Gravity Perks Gravity Forms Addons Made Easy 2.3.6

Gravity Perks Gravity Forms Addons

Gravity Perks Gravity Forms Addons is a comprehensive suite designed to augment the capabilities of Gravity Forms by introducing a diverse range of enhancements, often referred to as “perks.” Unlike a standalone add-on, Gravity Perks serves as a collective repository of 28+ (with continuous additions by Gravity Wiz) unique perks, each contributing to the enrichment of various facets within Gravity Forms.

Gravity Perks Gravity Forms Addons

This suite empowers users with the flexibility to effortlessly install and manage these perks, providing an expansive toolkit to elevate the functionalities of Gravity Forms according to specific needs. Whether you seek advanced form features, increased customization options, or improved form management, Gravity Perks offers a dynamic and ever-growing selection of enhancements to enhance your overall Gravity Forms experience.

Core Features Of Gravity Perks Gravity Forms Addons

1. GP Nested Forms

Effortlessly create nested forms within Gravity Forms for a streamlined user experience.

2. GP Populate Anything

Dynamically populate form fields with various data sources, enhancing customization possibilities.

3. GP Unique ID

Generate unique identifiers for entries, ensuring each form submission is distinct.

4. GP Conditional Pricing

Implement conditional pricing structures based on user selections, optimizing pricing flexibility.

5. GP Limit Choices

Effectively manage and limit choices within form fields to maintain control over user selections.

6. GP Limit Dates

Set restrictions on date selections to align with specific requirements or event timelines.

7. GP Preview Submission

Provide users with a preview of their form submissions before finalizing, enhancing user confidence.

8. GP Conditional Logic Dates

Utilize advanced conditional logic based on dates for dynamic form behavior.

9. GP eCommerce Fields

Enhance eCommerce forms with additional fields and functionalities for a seamless shopping experience.

10. GP Limit Submissions

Control the number of form submissions, preventing overloading and ensuring data accuracy.

11. GP File Upload Pro

Optimize file upload capabilities with advanced features, improving document management.

12. GP Date Time Calculator

Facilitate date and time calculations within forms for precise data collection.

13. GP Easy Passthrough

Simplify data transfer between forms with easy passthrough functionality.

14. GP Better User Activation

Improve user activation processes with enhanced features for a seamless onboarding experience.

15. GP Media Library

Effortlessly integrate media library options into your forms for multimedia submissions.

16. GP Post Content Merge Tags

Merge form data with post content, creating cohesive and informative posts.

17. GP Live Preview

Enable real-time live previews during form creation for an interactive design experience.

18. GP Multi-page Navigation

Enhance multi-page forms with improved navigation options for user convenience.

19. GP Disable Entry Creation

Disable form entry creation while preserving user data, providing flexibility in data handling.

20. GP Price Range

Implement dynamic price ranges based on user selections for adaptable pricing models.

21. GP Reload Form

Allow users to reload forms dynamically without losing entered data.

22. GP Limit Checkboxes

Manage and limit checkbox selections within forms to maintain data accuracy.

23. GP Terms Of Service

Integrate terms of service agreements seamlessly into your forms for legal compliance.

24. GP Word Count

Monitor and limit word count within form fields, optimizing content submission.

25. GP Email Users

Streamline communication by easily emailing users directly from form submissions.

26. GP Pay Per Word

Implement a pay-per-word model for specific form fields, offering flexible payment options.

27. GP Placeholder

Enhance user guidance with customizable placeholders within form fields.

28. GP PayPal One-time Fee

Optimize payment processing by incorporating one-time fees through PayPal integration.

29. GP Expand Textareas

Improve user experience with expandable text areas for longer responses.

30. GP Copy Cat

Efficiently duplicate form field values with the Copy Cat feature, saving user input time.

31. GP Auto Login

Automatically log in users upon form submission for a seamless user journey.

32. GP Blacklist

Enhance security by blacklisting specific entries or user information.

33. GP Read Only

Restrict form fields to read-only status, preventing unintended modifications.

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