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ARMember WordPress Plugin v6.4.3

The ARMember WordPress Plugin

ARMember WordPress Plugin, introduced in 2018, stands out as a versatile WordPress membership plugin, streamlining the intricate task of building and overseeing membership-based websites without the necessity for intricate coding skills. At its core, ARMember serves as an encompassing solution for WordPress subscription sales, user registration, and profile management.

ARMember WordPress Plugin

This plugin prioritizes accessibility, making it a user-friendly choice for content protection through diverse methods, ensuring the effortless safeguarding of complete or partial content. The commitment to simplicity is evident, ensuring that individuals without an extensive technical background can navigate and harness its features proficiently.

One of ARMember’s prominent features lies in its comprehensive membership solution, which seamlessly integrates essential elements such as payment tracking, drip content delivery, and more. The plugin excels in content restriction, empowering users to conceal exclusive content based on distinct membership levels. A remarkable membership setup wizard simplifies the entire process, offering a singular shortcode for plan selection, registration, and payment processing. With its integrated advanced form builder, ARMember provides aesthetically pleasing and personalized form templates for a variety of member interactions, eliminating the need for mundane Captchas.

Additionally, the plugin supports drip feed content, offers templates for profiles and directories, and seamlessly integrates with popular payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, Bank Transfer, 2Checkout, and ARMember proves to be a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for anyone looking to create and manage a membership website efficiently.

Key Features of ARMember WordPress Plugin

Comprehensive Membership Solution:

ARMember serves as an all-encompassing solution for membership-based websites, offering an array of features for seamless subscription sales, user registration, and profile management.

Effortless Content Protection and Restriction:

The plugin simplifies content protection with various methods, allowing easy safeguarding of full or partial content based on membership levels.

Unique Membership Setup Wizard:

ARMember features a standout membership setup wizard, streamlining the process with a single shortcode for plan selection, registration, and payment processing.

Built-in Advanced Form Builder:

An integrated advanced form builder provides stylish and customized templates for various member interactions, eliminating the need for unattractive Captchas.

Drip Feed Content Capability:

ARMember supports drip feed content delivery, allowing website owners to schedule and deliver content to members gradually over time.

Stylish Member Profiles and Directory Templates:

The plugin offers aesthetically pleasing templates for member profiles and directories, enhancing the visual appeal of your membership website.

Simplified Login/Signup Modal Forms:

ARMember simplifies the user experience with top menu modal forms for login and signup, ensuring a streamlined process for site visitors.

Popular Payment Gateways Support:

Seamlessly integrate popular payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, Bank Transfer, 2Checkout, and for efficient payment processing.

Multiple Plans with Trial Periods:

Create diverse membership plans with trial periods, providing flexibility for users to explore your offerings before committing.

Periodic Billing and Exclusive Coupon Management:

ARMember facilitates periodic billing options and efficient management of exclusive coupons, enhancing your subscription sales strategy.

Social Network Login/Connect:

Allow users to easily log in or connect through their social network accounts, enhancing user convenience.

Email Marketing Opt-ins:

Integrate email marketing strategies seamlessly with built-in options for opt-ins, helping you build and nurture your subscriber list.

Captcha-free Anti-spam Mechanism:

The plugin incorporates a captcha-free anti-spam mechanism, ensuring a secure environment without compromising user experience.

WooCommerce Content Restriction and BuddyPress Integration:

ARMember seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce for content restriction and offers compatibility with BuddyPress for enhanced community features.

Developer-friendly API and Import/Export Functionality:

Developers benefit from a friendly API and robust import/export functionality, providing flexibility and customization options.

One-click Plugin Updates and Professional Support Team:

Enjoy hassle-free updates with one-click functionality and access professional support from a dedicated team for efficient issue resolution.

Translation-ready for Global Usability:

ARMember is translation-ready, ensuring global usability by allowing users to tailor the language and content according to their preferences.

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