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Astra Premium Sites Plugin Latest v4.0.12

The Astra Premium Sites Plugin

The Astra Premium Sites Plugin Latest, also known as Astra Premium Starter Templates Plugin, revolutionizes the website-building process, empowering you to establish your online presence swiftly and efficiently. This innovative WordPress plugin serves as a catalyst for rapid website development, enabling you to embark on your business journey without unnecessary delays.

With its user-friendly features, the plugin simplifies the entire process, offering you the ability to seamlessly import pre-built websites and templates with just a single click, all conveniently accessible directly from your WordPress dashboard. This means that you can kickstart your website project in a matter of minutes, saving valuable time and effort, while ensuring a professional and polished online presence for your business. Elevate your web development experience with the Astra Premium Sites Plugin, where efficiency meets excellence in crafting visually appealing and functional websites.

Astra Premium Sites Plugin Latest

Core Features of Astra Premium Sites

The Astra Premium Sites Plugin stands as a testament to innovation and user-friendly design, offering a suite of features that elevate the website creation process. Let’s explore the core enhancements that make this plugin a go-to solution for WordPress users.

Key Features Of Astra Plugin:

Improved and Easier Template Search:

The Astra Premium Sites Plugin introduces an enhanced template search option, making it more intuitive and user-friendly. Easily navigate through an extensive collection of templates to find the perfect match for your website.

Filters for Specific Page Builders:

Tailor your template selection with precision using filters designed for specific page builders. This feature allows you to streamline the process, ensuring that you find templates optimized for your preferred page builder effortlessly.

Favorite Templates Marking:

Personalize your template library by marking your favorite templates. This convenient feature allows you to create a curated collection of go-to designs, speeding up your workflow and providing quick access to preferred templates.

Single-Click Latest Templates Fetch:

Stay up-to-date with the latest design trends by fetching the newest templates with a single click. The Astra Premium Sites Plugin simplifies the process, ensuring that you have access to cutting-edge templates for your website projects.

Import Individual Pages for Mix-n-Match:

Unleash your creativity by importing individual pages and mixing them to create unique website designs. This feature empowers users to customize their websites with greater flexibility, blending elements seamlessly for a tailored look.

Inherit Theme Settings During Template Import:

Maintain consistency and streamline your workflow with the option to inherit theme settings while importing a template. This ensures that your imported templates seamlessly integrate with your existing theme settings.

Image Search via WordPress Media Library:

Elevate your visual content with an image search feature that allows you to import images from Pixabay directly through the WordPress Media Library. This integration simplifies the image import process, enhancing your website’s visual appeal.

Import Ready Elementor Blocks and Templates:

The Astra Premium Sites goes beyond traditional template imports by offering the ability to import ready Elementor blocks and templates directly through the page builder itself. This feature empowers Elementor users with a diverse array of design elements for a dynamic website creation experience.

The Astra Premium Sites  redefines the template import experience with its array of enhanced features. From an improved search option and filters for specific page builders to the ability to mark favorite templates and import individual pages, this plugin caters to the diverse needs of WordPress users. Stay ahead of the curve with the Astra Premium Sites Plugin, where innovation meets seamless website creation. Elevate your design capabilities and efficiency with these dynamic features, ensuring that your WordPress website reflects your unique vision.

What’s New (Changelog) in Astra Premium v3.5.6

v3.5.6 – 27-December-2023
– New: Expanded the Template Kit Library by introducing site templates for an enriched selection of design options.
– Improvement: Enhanced the WordPress Dashboard banner for improved visibility.
– Improvement: Streamlined compatibility by discontinuing support for PHP versions below 7.4
– Fix: Fixed the persistent customizer CSS issue in non-adaptive mode within the Template Kit Library.
– Fix: Enhanced compatibility in Template Kits Library to ensure seamless template display even when Spectra is activated midway through the import process.

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