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Bookly PRO WP Plugin v7.0

The Bookly PRO WP Plugin

Bookly PRO WP Plugin is an incredibly versatile and feature-rich add-on designed to enhance the capabilities of the Bookly booking plugin for WordPress. This comprehensive add-on not only facilitates seamless online booking but also incorporates a robust payment system and a sophisticated notification framework. The booking form is highly customizable and can be effortlessly displayed on frontend pages, sidebars, or any desired location using powerful shortcodes.

Bookly PRO WP Plugin

With Bookly PRO, the booking form can be tailored to meet specific needs by incorporating elements such as datepickers, fieldsets, pricing tables, and more. This level of customization ensures that the booking process aligns perfectly with your website’s design and functionality. The online booking plugin goes beyond basic features by offering advanced notification options for both users and administrators.

One of the standout features of Bookly PRO is its meticulous organization of data. All information related to reservations and payments is systematically classified into separate folders, providing a streamlined approach to tracking and generating reports. This systematic arrangement makes it effortlessly easy for users to monitor and analyze data, ensuring a comprehensive overview of all booking activities.

In summary, Bookly PRO is the go-to solution for those seeking a flexible and comprehensive booking add-on. From its customizable booking form to advanced notifications and efficient data organization, Bookly PRO is designed to elevate your booking and reservation management to new heights.

Core Features of Bookly PRO WP Plugin

  • Features of Bookly PRO WP Plugin:
    1. Quick Online Booking with Intuitive Management Forms:

      • Streamline the booking process with quick online bookings and user-friendly management forms.
    2. Easy to Customize Booking Form, No Programming Experience Required:

      • Customize your booking form effortlessly without any programming skills, ensuring a seamless match with your website’s look and feel.
    3. No Limit to the Number of Reservations on Your Website:

      • Scale your booking capabilities with no restrictions on the number of reservations for your website.
    4. Comprehensive Admin Area with Intuitive Interface:

      • Experience a comprehensive admin area featuring an intuitive interface, designed to provide a sophisticated yet user-friendly solution trusted by over 24,000 customers worldwide.
    5. View Monthly/Weekly/Daily Free Online Booking Schedule for Carrier:

      • Efficiently manage bookings with a clear view of monthly, weekly, and daily schedules for carriers.
    6. List Management for Customers with Options to Sort and Search:

      • Organize customer information effectively with list management options, including sorting and searching functionalities.
    7. Duration of Change for Each Service:

      • Customize the duration for each service offered, ranging from 5 minutes to seven days, to meet specific business needs.
    8. Services Grouped into Categories:

      • Enhance organization by grouping services into categories, providing a structured and easily navigable booking system.
    9. Multiple Settings for SMS and Email Notifications:

      • Stay connected with customers through versatile SMS and email notification settings, ensuring timely communication.
    10. WPML Integration for Multi-language Support:

      • Reach a broader audience with seamless multi-language support through WPML integration, making your booking system accessible to diverse users.

What’s New (Changelog) in Bookly PRO v7.0

Added support for Bookly 22.7
Added ability to make address fields required in the modern booking forms
Now ‘Remember personal information in cookies’ feature works in the modern booking forms
Improved compatibility of the modern booking forms with Safari browser
Improved compatibility of Custom Duration (Add-on) with Special Hours (Add-on)
Improved the work of gift cards with the Deposit Payments (Add-on)
Fixed an issue with missing forms in the Appearance section when refreshing the page
Fixed an issue with the work of the ‘Show cards with time slots only’ setting in the modern booking forms
Fixed an issue with the work of custom payment methods for service and staff
Fixed an issue with {staff_category_name} and {staff_category_info} codes in notifications
Fixed an issue with time zone switcher in the modern booking forms
Fixed an issue when gift card was applied to incorrect appointments in case of multiple booking
Fixed the work of the {signed_up} code for bookings that do not occupy time

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