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Media Cleaner Pro WP Plugin v6.7.3

The Media Cleaner Pro WP Plugin

Media Cleaner Pro WP Plugin stands as a robust plugin dedicated to decluttering your WordPress installation by identifying and removing unused and redundant files. Through a comprehensive scan of your entire WordPress setup, it meticulously analyzes the utilization status of each file, effectively pinpointing broken media entries, redundant media files, and orphan images.

Media Cleaner Pro WP Plugin v6.7.0

Upon completion of the scan, the results are presented on the Media Cleaner dashboard. Here, users can effortlessly decide whether to relocate identified files to the trash or restore them in case of legitimate usage. The Pro Version of the plugin introduces advanced features such as Filesystem Analysis, extended compatibility with intricate plugins, a Live Site option, and WP-CLI support.

1. Filesystem Analysis:

Media Cleaner Pro takes optimization a step further by conducting a thorough scan of your physical /uploads directory and cross-referencing it with the Media Library. This ensures not only the removal of redundant files but also the optimization of your WordPress installation for peak performance.

2. Enhanced Plugin Compatibility:

The Pro Version provides extra support tailored for complex plugins, ensuring that Media Cleaner seamlessly integrates with a diverse range of extensions, making it an indispensable tool for intricate WordPress setups.

3. Live Site Option:

For heightened accuracy, the Live Site option analyzes the online iteration of your website. This advanced feature ensures that the cleaning process is aligned with the current state of your website, optimizing its performance accordingly.

4. WP-CLI Support:

With WP-CLI support, Media Cleaner Pro introduces a faster and automated cleaning process, empowering users with a command-line interface for efficient management of their WordPress media files.

In summary, Media Cleaner Pro emerges as an essential tool for maintaining the organization and optimization of your WordPress installation, ensuring a clutter-free and high-performing website.

Core Features Of Media Cleaner Pro WP Plugin

Detects and Eliminates Unused Files

Media Cleaner Pro is equipped to identify and remove unused and unnecessary files within your WordPress environment, ensuring optimal performance and storage efficiency.

Comprehensive Cleaning of Media Library and Uploads Directory

The plugin takes charge of cleaning both the Media Library and the Uploads Directory, ensuring that your storage space is utilized efficiently.

In-Depth Analysis of WordPress Installation

A thorough scan of your entire WordPress installation is conducted to ascertain the actual usage status of files. This process aids in discovering broken media entries, redundant media files, and orphan images.

Powerful Scan Mechanism

The plugin’s powerful scan functionality thoroughly checks post types, meta, widgets, theme elements, and resolves shortcodes, ensuring a meticulous cleaning process.

Page Builder Compatibility (Pro Version)

With enhanced compatibility, the Pro Version supports popular Page Builders such as ACF, Divi Builder, Fusion Builder (Avada), Visual Composer (WPBakery), Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy Builder, Oxygen Builder, and more.

Trash System for Effortless File Management

A user-friendly trash system is integrated, allowing easy management of identified files. Users can choose to relocate files to the trash or restore them based on their actual usage.

Live Site Option for Online Analysis

The inclusion of a Live Site option enables online analysis of your website, ensuring that the cleaning process aligns with the current state of your web environment.

WP-CLI Support for Speed and Automation

The WP-CLI support empowers users with a command-line interface, enhancing the speed and automation capabilities of the cleaning process.

Pro Version Enhancements

The Pro Version introduces Filesystem Analysis, an advanced feature that scans the physical /uploads directory, matching it against the Media Library for comprehensive optimization. Additionally, extra support for complex plugins ensures seamless integration with a diverse range of extensions, including Page Builders.

In essence, Media Cleaner Pro stands as a comprehensive solution for decluttering and optimizing your WordPress media assets, ensuring a streamlined and efficient website.

What’s New (Changelog) in Media Cleaner Pro

= v6.7.0 (2024/01/13) =
* Add: New ‘check-live’ argument for WP-CLI.
* Add: Import and Export of the settings.

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