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Divi Shop Builder For WooCommerce v2.0.7

The Divi Shop Builder For WooCommerce

Divi Shop Builder For WooCommerce by Seamlessly Integrating Every Aspect of WooCommerce with Divi. Leverage the innate power of default module controls to effortlessly manage positioning, animation, transformation, drop shadows, and border settings. Build your dream eCommerce site without the need for intricate coding, as Divi Shop Builder provides an intuitive and user-friendly platform.

Divi Shop Builder For WooCommerce

Tailor the design and functionality of your online store with unparalleled ease, ensuring a seamless integration between Divi and WooCommerce for a visually striking and dynamic eCommerce experience. From precise positioning to captivating animations, the comprehensive range of controls empowers you to shape your website’s aesthetics and functionality according to your unique vision, all within the user-friendly environment of Divi Shop Builder. Say goodbye to coding complexities and hello to a customizable, professional eCommerce presence that reflects your brand’s identity and captivates your audience.

Core Features Of Divi Shop Builder WordPress Plugin 

Enhanced Styling Modules:

Access 8 specialized modules to effortlessly style default WooCommerce pages within the Divi framework, providing a seamless integration for your online store.

Versatile Configuration Options:

Harness the power of 100 configurations and styling choices, offering limitless possibilities for creating unique layouts tailored to your specific needs.

Extended Drag and Drop Editor:

Expand Divi’s intuitive drag-and-drop editor functionality to include Shop, Cart, Account, and Checkout pages, enabling comprehensive design control.

Element Order Customization:

Define the display order of elements with precision, allowing you to showcase specific components in the desired sequence across your WooCommerce pages.

Tailored Cart Page Creation:

Construct a personalized Cart page using the List, Total, and Notices modules, granting you flexibility and control over the shopping experience.

Checkout Element Customization:

Fine-tune every Checkout element using specialized Billing, Coupon, Order, and Shipping modules, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing checkout process.

Form Title and Input Field Editing:

Edit form titles and input fields effortlessly, utilizing custom text and style options to align the form’s appearance with your overall design.

Interactive Product Display:

Integrate hover effects for product images and customize Call-to-Action (CTA) button styles to enhance the visual appeal of your product listings.

Flexible Product List Embedding:

Seamlessly embed a list of products into any page, offering complete control over positioning and styling to seamlessly integrate with your overall design.

Comprehensive WooCommerce Editing:

Unleash the power of Divi builder to edit every aspect of WooCommerce, ensuring a cohesive and personalized online shopping experience for your customers.

Download Divi Shop Builder Plugin

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