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FluentCRM Pro Marketing Automation For WordPress 2.8.42 Nulled

The FluentCRM Pro Marketing Automation

FluentCRM Pro Marketing Automation For WordPress is out as a self-hosted email marketing automation plugin tailored for WordPress. Within the confines of your WordPress dashboard, this plugin offers a comprehensive solution to streamline lead and customer management, orchestrate email campaigns, set up automated email sequences, oversee learner and affiliate interactions, and track user activities—all consolidated seamlessly in one centralized location. With FluentCRM, you can effortlessly navigate and execute diverse marketing tasks without the need to navigate away from your familiar WordPress environment.

FluentCRM Pro Marketing Automation For WordPress

Core Features Of FluentCRM Pro Marketing Automation For WordPress

FluentCRM Pro, the premium WordPress plugin, introduces a range of robust features designed to elevate your email marketing experience.

1. Email Campaign Management:

Effortlessly orchestrate and manage your email campaigns directly within your WordPress environment. Enjoy a user-friendly interface for creating, scheduling, and monitoring the performance of your email campaigns.

2. 360° Contact View:

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your contacts with the 360° Contact View. Access detailed insights, interactions, and historical data to tailor your communication effectively.

3. Contact Segmentation:

Divide and conquer with precision by employing robust contact segmentation. Categorize your contacts based on various criteria, allowing you to send targeted and personalized content.

4. Email Sequencing:

Automate your communication with Email Sequencing. Design and implement automated email funnels, ensuring timely and relevant messages reach your audience.

5. Automated Email Funnels:

Craft engaging and effective email funnels with automation. Guide your contacts through a seamless journey, triggered by their interactions and behaviors.

6. Granular Reporting:

Access in-depth and granular reporting to measure the success of your campaigns. Track key metrics, analyze performance, and refine your strategies for optimal results. With FluentCRM Pro, you have the analytical tools needed to make informed decisions and enhance your email marketing efforts.

Download FluentCRM Pro WordPress Plugin

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