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Happy Elementor Addons Pro v2.10.0 Plugin

The Happy Elementor Addons Pro v2.10.0 Plugin

Happy Elementor Addons Pro is a premium plugin for Elementor, a popular WordPress page builder. It features a collection of sleek and powerful widgets that work seamlessly with Elementor, allowing you to create extraordinary designs with ease.

Happy Elementor Addons Pro v2.10.0 Plugin

With its trendy look and detailed customization options, Happy Elementor Addons Pro helps you to create professional-quality designs quickly and easily. Happy Addons is free to use and is rapidly growing in popularity, with a dedicated support team available to help you along the way. Whether you’re a seasoned designer or a beginner, Happy Addons Pro has something to offer everyone.

Core Features of Happy Elementor Addons Pro Plugin

Happy Elementor Addons Pro introduces a myriad of powerful widgets that elevate your Elementor experience, offering advanced functionalities for designing dynamic and engaging web pages. Let’s delve into the diverse range of widgets that this plugin brings to the table:

1. Card Widget: The Card widget is a versatile powerhouse designed for showcasing a variety of content, including products, articles, news, and more. This widget allows you to combine text, links, badges, and images seamlessly, creating visually appealing and informative card layouts.

2. Gradient Heading Widget: Elevate your headings with the Gradient Heading widget. This feature-rich widget empowers you to create eye-catching headings with gradient styles, customizable angles, opacities, and positions. Ensuring a visually stunning display, Gradient Heading widgets are optimized for all devices.

3. Info Box Widget: Craft attractive information boxes effortlessly with the Info Box widget. This widget provides a canvas for incorporating icons, links, and text. Furthermore, it offers built-in positioning features, allowing you to style your information boxes with precision and creativity.

4. Icon Box Widget: The Icon Box widget is a streamlined version of the Info Box, maintaining powerful display features. This widget is perfect for creating visually impactful content sections with ease.

5. Image Compare Widget: Showcase the transformative power of your work with the Image Compare widget. This widget allows you to create before-and-after sliders for displaying images and other media, providing a captivating visual experience.

6. Team Member Widget: Introduce your team members in style with the Team Member widget. This feature enables you to showcase team members using text, images, and social links. Advanced styling options ensure that you can tailor the display to match your brand aesthetic seamlessly.

7. Review Widget: Highlight user feedback, reviews, and ratings elegantly with the Review widget. Incorporate photos, text, and star ratings to build credibility and trust with your audience.

8. Skill Bars Widget: Display information about skills, task percentages, and progress data in various styles with the Skill Bars widget. This versatile feature allows you to visually represent data, enhancing the overall engagement of your web pages.

9. Contact Form 7 Widget: Seamlessly integrate forms created with the Contact Form 7 plugin into your pages using the Contact Form 7 widget. This utility widget simplifies the process, ensuring a cohesive and efficient user experience.

10. Caldera Forms Widget: Display forms created with the Caldera Forms plugin seamlessly in your Elementor pages with the Caldera Forms widget. This integration provides a streamlined approach to presenting forms and capturing user input.

11. weForms Widget: Showcase forms created with the weForms plugin effortlessly on your Elementor pages with the weForms widget. Enjoy a user-friendly experience while integrating dynamic forms into your website.

12. Ninja Forms Widget: Embed forms created with the Ninja Forms plugin seamlessly into your Elementor pages using the Ninja Forms widget. This feature simplifies the integration process, ensuring that your forms blend seamlessly with your page design.

13. WPForms Widget: The WPForms widget allows you to effortlessly embed forms created with the WPForms plugin into your Elementor pages. Enjoy the flexibility and customization options that come with this integration, enhancing the functionality of your website forms.

  • Dual Button: A widget for adding two flexible and stylish action buttons to your sections in different styles.
  • Testimonial: A widget for creating beautiful testimonial sections in various styles.
  • Justified Grid: A pro-grade widget for creating justified grids with tons of customization options.
  • Number: A widget for creating stunning number blocks in various styles.
  • Logo Grid: A widget for showcasing clients or products with styled grid displays.

What’s New (Changelog) in Happy Elementor Addons Pro v2.10.0

# v2.10.0 – 19 December 2023 =
– Fix: Security improvement for Shipping Bar widget.
– Fix: Security improvement for EDD Cart widget.
– Fix: Security improvement for Smart Post List widget.
– Fix: Security improvement for Post Grid widget.
– Fix: Security improvement for Instagram Feed widget.
– Fix: Security improvement for Facebook Feed widget.
– Fix: Security improvement for Mega Menu.
– Fix: Security improvement for Live Copy.
– Fix: Security improvement for EDD Single Product.
– Fix: Security improvement for Single Product.
– Fix: Replaced the deprecated function “get_page_by_title” in the Mega Menu.
– Fix: Resolved a warning regarding default icons in the Creative Slider Next/Prev.
– Fix: An issue where external links weren’t working in the Scrolling Image.
– Fix: Addressed a cross-domain double paste issue.
– Tweak: Added support for widget container templates in the Advanced Tab.

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