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MailWizz Email Marketing Application 2.3.9

The MailWizz Email Marketing Application

MailWizz Email Marketing Application: Conversely, MailWizz stands out as a robust email marketing application designed to empower businesses in the seamless creation, dispatch, and management of their email campaigns. Renowned for its user-friendly features, this platform offers an easy-to-navigate interface that ensures a hassle-free experience for users. The intuitive design extends to the efficient handling of email lists, allowing businesses to effortlessly organize and manage their subscriber data.

MailWizz Email Marketing Application

Moreover, MailWizz streamlines the entire campaign process, providing businesses with a comprehensive toolset to strategize, execute, and track the performance of their email initiatives. With its user-centric approach, MailWizz emerges as a reliable and efficient solution for businesses seeking a streamlined and effective email marketing platform.

Features of MailWizz PHP Scripts:

CDN Settings:

Configure Content Delivery Network (CDN) settings to optimize the delivery of content and enhance the overall performance of your email campaigns.

Customer Groups:

Organize customers efficiently into distinct groups, allowing for targeted communication and personalized campaigns.

Overview Dashboard:

Access a comprehensive dashboard providing an overview of key metrics, campaign performance, and user engagement at a glance.

Customer Settings:

Customize customer settings to tailor the user experience, ensuring flexibility and adherence to individual preferences.

Surveys Overview:

Gain insights into survey responses and overall survey performance through a detailed overview.

Users Management:

Efficiently manage users, allowing for seamless organization and administration of your email marketing platform.

Campaigns Overview:

Access an overview of active and past campaigns, providing a consolidated view of campaign statistics and effectiveness.

Email Block Requests:

Manage and respond to email block requests promptly, ensuring optimal deliverability and sender reputation.

Zones Database:

Utilize a comprehensive zones database for targeted campaign planning and geographic customization.

User Groups:

Categorize users into specific groups, facilitating targeted communication strategies and personalized content delivery.

Social Links:

Integrate social links seamlessly into campaigns, enabling enhanced engagement and social sharing.


Manage and organize messages efficiently, ensuring clear and effective communication with customers.


Customize language settings to cater to a diverse audience, providing a localized experience for users.

Email Blacklist:

Implement and manage an email blacklist to maintain sender reputation and ensure compliance with email regulations.

Common Settings:

Access common settings for streamlined configuration and consistent management across the platform.


Customize and manage various pages to enhance user experience and align with branding requirements.

Email Blacklist Settings:

Fine-tune email blacklist settings to control and regulate the handling of blocked email addresses.

IP Location Services:

Leverage IP location services to gain insights into user demographics and target campaigns effectively.

Email Templates Settings:

Customize email templates to align with brand aesthetics and maintain a cohesive visual identity.

Countries Database:

Utilize a comprehensive countries database for geotargeting and personalized content delivery.

Email Templates:

Access and customize a variety of email templates, ensuring flexibility and efficiency in campaign creation.

MaxMind Database:

Integrate the MaxMind database for robust and accurate geolocation data, enhancing targeting capabilities.

Sending Domains:

Manage and configure sending domains to optimize email deliverability and sender reputation.

API Settings:

Customize API settings for seamless integration with external applications and services.

Feedback Loop Servers:

Configure feedback loop servers to receive valuable insights and user feedback for continuous improvement.

Login Logs:

Access detailed login logs for enhanced security monitoring and user accountability.

SPF/DKIM Settings:

Configure SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) settings for authentication and improved deliverability.

Delivery Servers:

Manage delivery servers efficiently, ensuring reliable and efficient email distribution.

Campaigns Settings:

Fine-tune campaign settings for targeted and effective outreach, maximizing campaign success.

Customization Settings:

Customize various settings to align the platform with specific branding requirements and user preferences.


Provide informational articles for users, enhancing their understanding of platform features and best practices.


Choose and customize themes for a visually appealing and cohesive platform aesthetic.

Quick Support Access:

Facilitate quick access to support services, ensuring timely assistance for users.

Bounce Servers:

Manage bounce servers to handle undeliverable emails efficiently and maintain sender reputation.

Mass Emails:

Implement mass email capabilities for reaching a large audience seamlessly.

List Page Types:

Customize list page types to organize and categorize email lists effectively.

License Settings:

Manage license settings for secure and authorized access to the MailWizz platform.

Email Lists Overview:

Access a comprehensive overview of email lists, enabling efficient management and organization.

2FA Settings:

Enhance platform security with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) settings for user accounts.

Import/Export Settings:

Facilitate seamless data transfer with import/export settings, ensuring efficient data management.

Blacklist Monitors:

Monitor and manage blacklisted email addresses to maintain a clean and reputable sender profile.


Integrate extensions for additional features and functionalities, expanding the capabilities of the MailWizz platform.

Tracking Domains:

Configure tracking domains for accurate tracking of campaign performance and user interactions.

Email Box Monitors:

Monitor email boxes effectively, ensuring prompt responses and optimal communication.

Customers Overview:

Access an overview of customer data, enabling efficient management and personalized communication strategies.

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