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Complianz Privacy Suite Plugin v7.0.7

The Complianz Privacy Suite Plugin

Complianz Privacy Suite Plugin stands as an all-encompassing and robust plugin, offering invaluable assistance to websites striving for compliance with privacy laws across diverse regions worldwide. These regulations encompass the European Union, including GDPR/DSGVO, the United States with a focus on CCPA, Canada, and the United Kingdom. In navigating the intricate landscape of privacy requirements, the Complianz Privacy Suite emerges as the ultimate solution.

Complianz Privacy Suite Plugin

Boasting a repertoire of fully-featured tools and functionalities, this plugin is designed to meet the intricate demands of privacy regulations that are continually evolving. With its comprehensive suite of features, website owners can confidently ensure adherence to the complexities of global privacy standards, fostering trust and compliance in an ever-changing digital landscape.

Core Features of Complianz Privacy Suite Plugin

Comprehensive Compliance

Achieve comprehensive compliance with major privacy laws, including GDPR, DSGVO, CCPA, COPPA, and more, ensuring adherence to regulations across global jurisdictions.

User-Friendly Interface

Enjoy ease of use with the plugin’s intuitive interface, offering straightforward setup and management of privacy compliance settings. Benefit from step-by-step guidance and clear explanations for each option.

Customizable Consent Banners

Tailor your consent banners to match your website’s design and branding. The Complianz Privacy Suite provides customization options for text, layout, and colors, giving you control over the appearance and behavior of consent banners.

Automatic Cookie Scanning

Utilize the powerful cookie scanner that automatically identifies and categorizes all cookies used by your website. This feature facilitates compliance with cookie consent laws by providing insights into cookie usage.

Advanced Analytics Integration

Integrate seamlessly with popular analytics platforms, such as Google Analytics, to track and analyze user behavior while still adhering to privacy laws. This ensures a balance between data-driven insights and compliance.

Premium Support

Opt for the premium version of the Complianz Privacy Suite to access top-notch support from a team of privacy experts. Receive assistance with any questions or concerns related to compliance, ensuring you have expert guidance at your disposal.

What’s New (Changelog) in Complianz Privacy Suite v7.0.5

= v7.0.5 =
* New: Consent Mode v2
* Fix: retrieving Records of Consent export file name by wrong option name
* Fix: use case for TCF icw Quebuec targeted, but no sensitive data is shared, TCF section condition was too strict, causing tcf not to load on the cookie policy
* Fix: some text domains incorrect
* Fix: css for tooltip
* Fix: auto update path
* Fix: per site activation of single site plugin on multisite
* Fix: clearing of editor not possible in annexes section
* Fix: multisite, not cookies on root selected, policy id should be different for each subsite
* Fix: include banner id in cache key for page links, to ensure different banner data is respected across banner ids.
* Fix: stricter language check on TCF json language locales, to prevent match on second part of language locale
* Fix: jQuery exists check in Elementor integration
* Improvement: add banner title to css class
* Improvement: extend YoTuWP blocklist
* Improvement: whitelist video lightbox in Beaver Builder
* Improvement: allow text in Clarity ID input field
* Improvement: allow long email addresses in datarequests overview

Live Demo of Complianz Privacy Suite Plugin

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