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Meta Box AIO Plugin v1.24.2 (All Extensions)

The Meta Box AIO Plugin

Meta Box AIO Plugin: Welcome to the ultimate solution for WordPress custom fields and meta boxes – Meta Box AIO Plugin bundled with all extensions. This powerful plugin empowers developers, designers, and website owners by providing a comprehensive suite of tools to create, manage, and optimize custom fields and meta boxes effortlessly.

Meta Box AIO Plugin

With an extensive array of extensions at your fingertips, you can enhance the functionality and flexibility of your WordPress site, making it a truly tailored and dynamic digital experience. Explore the endless possibilities and streamline your content creation process with Meta Box AIO Plugin and its all-inclusive extensions.

Core Features Of Meta Box AIO Plugin

Discover the unparalleled ease and efficiency of Meta Box AIO Plugin, where creating and managing custom fields on your WordPress website becomes a breeze. This robust plugin offers a myriad of features tailored to enhance your customization experience:

Effortless Setup and User-Friendly Interface:

Say goodbye to complexities with the plugin’s online generator form, enabling you to add custom fields swiftly and intuitively. No intricate options or confusing admin pages – just a seamless setup.

Speed and Lightweight Design:

Experience the need for speed as Meta Box AIO Plugin delivers a fast and lightweight solution for customizing your website. Enjoy optimal performance without compromising efficiency.

Universal Compatibility:

Seamlessly integrate Meta Box with any theme or plugin, showcasing its versatility in website customization. Whether you’re working with a custom theme or popular plugins, Meta Box fits right in.

Data Security and Migration Support:

Fear not the migration process! Meta Box ensures the preservation of custom field data during site migration, playing nice with WordPress import and export functionalities.

Versatility Across Installations:

Whether you’re running an individual website or a multisite network, Meta Box AIO Plugin adapts effortlessly to different installations, providing a consistent and adaptable experience.

Gutenberg and GDPR Compliance:

Embrace the future of WordPress with full compatibility with Gutenberg, the block-based editor. Plus, rest assured that Meta Box adheres to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), prioritizing user privacy without compromising functionality.

Zero Personal Data Storage:

Protecting user privacy is paramount. Meta Box AIO Plugin takes the lead by ensuring no personal data storage, eliminating concerns about unauthorized access or data breaches.

Step into a new era of WordPress customization with Meta Box AIO Plugin – where simplicity, speed, and security converge for an unparalleled user experience.

Meta Box AIO Plugin 4.6.3: Elevating WordPress Customization

Release Date: November 28, 2023

Functionality Enhancements:

In this latest version of Meta Box AIO Plugin, the development team has prioritized functionality and user experience improvements. Here’s a closer look at the key updates:

  1. Theme Code Generator Refinements:

    • Abandoning PHP’s eval() in the Theme Code generator ensures enhanced security and stability.
    • Robust validation and sanitation of IDs are implemented to prevent issues with forms.
  2. Icon Field Type Support:

    • The update introduces support for a new icon field type, providing users with expanded customization options.
  3. Field Group Import Fixes:

    • Users can now expect improved accuracy as the import of field groups now correctly considers ID from JSON files.
    • Theme code generated for sub-groups is now rectified for seamless functionality.

UI/UX Improvements:

The user interface and experience have undergone significant enhancements to make customization smoother and more intuitive:

Dropdown Selections:

    • Selecting predefined or suggested values in conditional logic, group titles, and various query options is now more user-friendly with a visually appealing dropdown.

Enhanced Field Settings:

    • A new button is introduced to expand/collapse all fields, providing users with better control and organization.
    • Arrow buttons are added to minimize confusion when toggling field settings.
    • Toggle settings area has been increased to the entire item header for improved accessibility.
    • A blank option is always displayed in selects, allowing users to unselect an option effortlessly.
    • The tab icon now updates correctly when adding a new tab.

MB REST API 2.0.1 – October 14, 2022:

Meta Box REST API gets a comprehensive rewrite for clarity and maintainability, offering new features:

  1. Settings Page Support:

    • The plugin now supports settings pages, enabling users to fetch and update data conveniently.
    • Errors are displayed when attempting to update non-existing fields.
    • Group values are now consistently arrays, addressing potential PHP warnings.

MB Custom Table 2.1.8 – November 27, 2023:

Developers using MB Custom Table will appreciate the added flexibility and improvements:

  1. Message Class Customization:

    • Developers can now set the message class via the $_GET[‘message-status’] parameter for enhanced customization.
    • New filters, “mbct_add_data” and “mbct_update_data,” allow developers to modify data before insertion or updating in the database.
    • A new filter, “mbct_{$this->model->name}_total_items,” provides total items for models.
    • A PHP notice related to non-model pages is now resolved.

MB User Profile 2.5.3 – November 16, 2023:

Enhancements in MB User Profile contribute to better user interaction and functionality:

  1. Toggle Password Button:

    • Users now have the option to toggle the password button on the login form.
    • Filters for submit buttons (“rwmb_profile_info_submit_button” and “rwmb_profile_register_submit_button”) are added for enhanced customization.
    • Elementor widget deletion issue is addressed.

MB Relationships 1.11.3 – November 16, 2023:

The Relationships extension sees valuable additions and bug fixes:

  1. Config Constant for Data Deletion:

    • A new config constant, MB_RELATIONSHIPS_DELETE_DATA, facilitates the deletion of plugin data during uninstallation.
    • Users can expect the correct order of user retrieval in the admin, resolving an issue.

Sales Page and Live Demo of Meta Box AIO:

For more information and to explore the capabilities of Meta Box AIO Plugin and its add-ons, visit the official sales page.

Free Download Meta Box AIO Latest Version:

Experience the power of Meta Box AIO by downloading the latest version

Meta Box AIO Add-ons:

Explore a comprehensive set of add-ons that enhance Meta Box AIO’s functionality:

  • MB Toolset Migration
  • MB Rank Math
  • MB ACF Migration
  • Meta Box – Admin Columns Integrator
  • MB Views
  • Meta Box – SearchWP Integrator
  • MB Blocks
  • Meta Box – Elementor Integrator
  • Meta Box – Beaver Themer Integrator
  • MB User Profile
  • MB Relationships
  • Meta Box – FacetWP Integrator
  • MB Custom Table
  • MB Comment Meta
  • MB Revision
  • MB Frontend Submission
  • MB User Meta
  • Meta Box Geolocation
  • MB Admin Columns
  • MB Term Meta
  • MB Settings Page
  • MB Custom Post Types & Custom Taxonomies
  • Meta Box for Yoast SEO
  • Meta Box Text Limiter
  • Meta Box Conditional Logic
  • Meta Box Group
  • Meta Box Builder
  • Meta Box Template
  • Meta Box Tooltip
  • Meta Box Show Hide
  • Meta Box Columns
  • Meta Box Tabs
  • Meta Box Include Exclude

Free Download Meta Box AIO Plugin


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