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Nexelit Multipurpose Website CMS & Business CMS 3.5.3

The Nexelit Multipurpose Website CMS & Business CMS

Nexelit Multipurpose Website CMS & Business CMS offers a superior approach to showcase a diverse range of business ventures. Whether you are representing a corporate entity, construction firm, interior design agency, or organizing events and ticket sales, Nexelit serves as an ideal platform. It extends its functionality seamlessly to cater to various needs such as donation websites, crowdfunding initiatives, fund-raising campaigns, and job posting platforms.

Nexelit Multipurpose Website CMS & Business CMS

With Nexelit, managing customer interactions becomes streamlined, allowing for efficient quotation processes and real-time feedback from clients. Furthermore, this versatile platform supports product sales in both digital and physical realms, providing a comprehensive solution for e-commerce endeavors. Nexelit emerges as a holistic and dynamic tool, encompassing a wide spectrum of functionalities to elevate your online presence and business operations.

Features of Nexelit PHP Scripts:

Distinctive Design:

Nexelit boasts a unique and captivating design, ensuring that your website stands out with a visually appealing and memorable presence.

OG Meta Integration:

Enhance your website’s visibility on social media platforms with integrated OG (Open Graph) meta tags for optimal sharing and representation.

Customizable CSS Settings:

Exercise control over the aesthetics of your site with customizable CSS settings, allowing for personalized styling to align with your brand.

Intuitive Drag & Drop Menu Builder:

Streamline navigation customization with an intuitive drag-and-drop menu builder, facilitating easy organization and structure.

Extensive Google Fonts Selection:

Choose from a diverse library of 950 Google Fonts to tailor the typography of your website to match your brand identity.

Cache Management Settings:

Optimize site performance with cache settings, ensuring efficient loading and a seamless user experience.

Clients Feedback Showcase Page:

Showcase client feedback elegantly on dedicated pages, providing transparency and building trust with potential customers.

Detailed Work Information Page:

Present comprehensive details of your projects or services on dedicated work details pages, offering in-depth insights for visitors.

Feedback Collection Page:

Implement a feedback collection system, allowing clients and users to share their thoughts and experiences directly on your website.

Newsletter Mail Sending Functionality:

Connect with your audience effectively through newsletter mail sending capabilities, enabling targeted communication and updates.

Multilingual Options:

Expand your reach globally with multilingual options, providing a seamless experience for users in different languages.

Service Details Page:

Showcase your services with detailed descriptions on dedicated service details pages, ensuring clarity and engagement.

Diverse Payment Options:

Facilitate transactions with a variety of payment gateways, including Paypal, Paytm, Razorpay, Stripe, Paystack, Manual Payment, and Cash On Delivery.

Quotation Request Page:

Enable visitors to request quotations easily through dedicated quote pages, streamlining the inquiry process.

Dynamic Page Creation:

Create dynamic pages with ease, adapting your website structure to evolving content needs.

Live Chat Integration:

Enhance user engagement with live chat options, providing real-time communication and support.

Google Captcha V3 Integration:

Strengthen website security with Google Captcha V3 integration, safeguarding against unwanted bot activities.

GDPR Cookie Settings:

Comply with privacy regulations by implementing GDPR cookie settings, ensuring transparency and user consent.

Robust Admin Dashboard:

Enjoy a powerful admin dashboard with comprehensive tools and insights for effective website management.

Gallery Showcase Page:

Showcase your portfolio or events with dedicated gallery pages, displaying visual content in an appealing manner.

Event Ticket Selling Module:

Facilitate event ticket sales seamlessly with an integrated module, providing a streamlined process for event organizers.

Widgets Area Builder:

Customize your website layout effortlessly with a drag-and-drop widgets area builder, allowing for dynamic page structures.

Dynamic Order Page:

Manage orders dynamically with a dedicated order page, ensuring efficient processing and tracking.

Admin Dark Mode:

Customize the admin interface with a dark mode option, providing a visually comfortable environment for administrators.

Donation and Crowdfunding Module:

Engage in fundraising initiatives with dedicated modules for donation and crowdfunding campaigns.

Pre-Made Pages Slug Customization:

Personalize pre-made pages with customizable slugs, allowing for URL structures that align with your content.

RSS Feed Configuration:

Configure RSS feeds to enhance content distribution and reach a wider audience.

RTL Language Support:

Accommodate users of right-to-left languages with RTL support, ensuring a seamless reading experience.

Page Slug and Name Editing:

Edit page slugs and names easily, allowing for flexible URL management.

Page Meta Tag Options:

Optimize individual pages with meta tag options, improving search engine visibility and indexing.

Google Analytics Integration:

Gain valuable insights into website performance with Google Analytics integration.

Unlimited Color Options:

Personalize your website’s color scheme with unlimited options, enabling creative branding.

Maintenance Mode:

Implement maintenance mode when needed, ensuring a seamless user experience during updates or modifications.

FAQ Page with Schema Markup:

Create FAQ pages with Google schema markup support, enhancing search engine understanding of your content.

Supported Currencies:

Conduct transactions in multiple currencies, accommodating a diverse user base.

Mega Menu Builder:

Design expansive mega menus effortlessly with a drag-and-drop builder, enhancing navigation options.

User Dashboard:

Provide users with a dedicated dashboard, enabling them to manage their accounts and interactions seamlessly.

Product Selling Module:

Set up an e-commerce platform with a dedicated module for selling both digital and physical products.

SEO Settings Availability:

Optimize your website for search engines with accessible SEO settings, improving visibility and rankings.

Subscriber Management Settings:

Efficiently manage subscribers with customizable settings, ensuring effective communication.

Payment Gateway Integration:

Integrate various payment gateways for flexible and secure transaction processing.

Preloader Customization Builder:

Create a unique preloader with a customizable builder, enhancing the visual appeal during page loading.

Sitemap Generation:

Generate sitemaps dynamically, aiding search engines in indexing your website comprehensively.

Downloadable Product Selling:

Facilitate the sale of downloadable products with dedicated features for digital goods.

Drag-and-Drop Form Builder:

Construct forms effortlessly with a drag-and-drop builder, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

Email Template Customization:

Customize email templates to align with your brand identity, ensuring a cohesive communication strategy.

Knowledgebase Integration:

Enhance user support with a knowledgebase, providing users with valuable information and resources.

Physical Product Selling:

Set up an online store for physical products with dedicated features for seamless transactions.

Database Backup and Restore:

Ensure data security with backup and restore functionalities, allowing for comprehensive data protection.

Page Slug Change Options:

Modify page slugs easily, offering flexibility in URL management and structure.

Jobs Posting Module:

Facilitate job postings with a dedicated module, creating an efficient platform for recruitment.

404 Page Customization:

Customize the 404 error page for a branded and user-friendly experience.

Custom JS Settings:

Implement custom JavaScript settings for enhanced functionality and user interaction.

Popup Builder:

Craft engaging popups with a dedicated builder, facilitating effective user engagement.

User Role Permission System:

Establish granular control over user permissions with a robust role-based system.

Home Variant Options:

Choose from multiple home variants, allowing for diverse and visually appealing homepage layouts.

Typography Customization Settings:

Personalize typography with customizable settings, ensuring consistent branding throughout the site.

Disqus Comment System:

Enable Disqus commenting for interactive and engaging discussions on your website.

Social Share Options:

Enhance content reach with social share options, allowing users to share your content across various platforms.

Pre-Made Pages Name Customization:

Personalize pre-made pages further with customizable names, ensuring a tailored and branded user experience.

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