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Qubely Pro WP Plugin v1.4.3

The Qubely Pro WP Plugin

Qubely Pro WP Plugin stands out as a dynamic WordPress plugin designed to elevate the capabilities of the Gutenberg editor by introducing an expansive array of custom blocks and templates. This feature-rich plugin empowers users to effortlessly craft visually stunning and responsive websites directly within the familiar confines of the native WordPress editor. Qubely Pro’s versatility shines through as it offers an extensive selection of pre-designed blocks and templates, ensuring that users can seamlessly integrate elements such as eye-catching hero sections, engaging testimonial carousels, informative pricing tables, and user-friendly contact forms into their web designs.

Qubely Pro WP Plugin

Whether you’re a seasoned web developer or a novice user, Qubely Pro provides an intuitive and user-friendly experience, streamlining the process of creating captivating web pages. With this plugin at your disposal, you have the tools to transform your vision into reality, giving you the flexibility to customize and optimize every aspect of your website. Qubely Pro’s commitment to enhancing the Gutenberg editor’s functionality makes it a go-to solution for those seeking a powerful and efficient way to design and manage compelling websites within the WordPress ecosystem.

Core features Of Qubely Pro WP Plugin

Timeline Block

Display your events, stories, or processes in a chronological order with the timeline block. Customize the layout, colors, icons, and content of each timeline item according to your specific preferences.

Divider Block

Separate your sections or elements effectively using the divider block. Choose between horizontal or vertical lines and select from different styles, widths, alignments, and colors to enhance the visual appeal of your website.

Advanced List Block

Create stylish and engaging lists with the advanced list block. Utilize icons, images, or numbers as list markers, and adjust spacing, alignment, and typography for a visually appealing and customized list.

Form Builder Block

Build and manage various forms effortlessly with the form builder block. Add diverse fields such as text, email, number, checkbox, radio, select, file upload, and more. Set validation rules, confirmation messages, and email notifications for seamless form submissions.

Animated Headline Block

Capture your visitors’ attention with the animated headline block. Choose from different animation effects like typing, clipping, rotating, sliding, and more. Customize font size, color, weight, and style to create captivating headlines.

Price List Block

Showcase your products or services elegantly with the price list block. Add images, titles, descriptions, prices, and buttons for each item. Enable or disable the strikethrough effect for discounted prices to create visually appealing pricing displays.

Pie Progress Block

Illustrate your skills, achievements, or statistics with the pie progress block. Adjust the size, color, thickness, and animation of the pie chart. Include labels and percentage values for each pie progress item to visually represent data.

Media Card Block

Craft stunning media cards with the media card block. Add images or videos as the media source and customize overlay color, opacity, position, title, subtitle, description, and buttons for an eye-catching presentation.

Google Map Block

Embed Google Maps seamlessly with the Google map block. Set location, zoom level, height, and width of the map. Enable or disable map controls such as zoom buttons, street view buttons, fullscreen buttons, and map type selectors.

Post Grid Block

Present your posts in a grid layout with the post grid block. Choose from grid styles like masonry, carousel, or slider. Filter posts by category, tag, or author and customize post elements such as title, meta, excerpt, image, and read more button.

Table of Contents Block

Generate a table of contents for lengthy articles with the table of contents block. Choose layouts like list, dropdown, or sticky. Customize appearance and behavior, including color, font size, scroll offset, and smooth scroll, to enhance article navigation.

Pricing Block

Create attractive pricing tables with the pricing block. Add up to four columns for different pricing plans and customize features such as title, price, subtitle, description, button, and badge. Enable or disable the ribbon effect for featured plans to optimize conversion.

Icon Block

Enhance your website with the icon block. Choose from a vast library of icons such as Font Awesome, Material Icons, or Line Icons. Adjust size, color, alignment, and hover effects to seamlessly integrate icons into your design.

Counter Block

Display numbers dynamically with the counter block. Add prefixes, suffixes, or separators for the counter value. Customize animation speed, duration, and delay, and include titles and descriptions for each counter item.

Row Block

Create versatile row containers for your blocks with the row block. Adjust width, height, padding, margin, and alignment. Apply background colors, images, videos, or gradients to the row container for a polished and cohesive layout.

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