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Unlimited Elements for Elementor Pro Plugin v1.5.96

Unlimited Elements for Elementor Pro

Unlimited Elements for Elementor Pro: Unleash the true potential of your pro plugin experience with Unlimited Elements, a dynamic plugin that enriches your web design capabilities. Tailored to seamlessly integrate with the Elementor Pro page builder for WordPress, this plugin introduces an array of widgets and features that elevate your website customization options. Accessible for purchase directly on the Elementor website, Unlimited Elements for Elementor Pro empowers users to craft professional-looking websites effortlessly.

Key Features of Unlimited ElementsPlugin:

200+ Premium Widgets:

Access an extensive library of widgets to enhance your website’s functionality and design.

100+ Page Templates:

Choose from a diverse collection of pre-designed templates to streamline your page creation process.

20 Backgrounds:

Elevate the visual appeal of your website with a variety of background options.

Live Copy Paste:

Enjoy a seamless and efficient workflow by copying and pasting elements in real-time.

Mega Menu:

Transform your website’s navigation with a powerful and dynamic mega menu feature.

Mega Slider:

Create visually stunning sliders to captivate your audience and showcase your content.

Dynamic Loop Builder:

Customize and control the dynamic loops on your website for a personalized user experience.


Harness the flexibility of sourcing content from multiple locations.

Widget Creator Pro Features:

Empower your design process with advanced widget creation capabilities.

Advanced Post Selection:

Curate and display posts with precision using advanced selection options.

Advanced Product Selection:

Fine-tune product displays with advanced selection features for e-commerce excellence.

Sync Widgets:

Ensure consistency across various elements by syncing widgets effortlessly.

Remote Control Widgets:

Take charge of widgets remotely, enhancing your website management capabilities.


Optimize content organization with intuitive pagination options.

Load More / Infinite Scroll:

Enhance user experience with seamless content loading through infinite scroll or load more features.

Tabs Filter:

Facilitate easy content exploration with interactive tabs for efficient filtering.

Select Dropdown Filter:

Improve user navigation with select dropdown filters for targeted content access.

Search Filter:

Implement search filters to enable users to quickly find specific information on your website.

AJAX Search:

Elevate search functionality with AJAX-powered searches for instant, dynamic results.

Dynamic Post Popup:

Enrich user engagement by incorporating dynamic post popups for a sophisticated viewing experience.

With Unlimited Elements for Elementor Premium, unlock a comprehensive suite of features designed to redefine and elevate your Elementor-powered website.

What’s New (Changelog) in Unlimited Elements 

= v1.5.89: =

  • Bug Fix: Resolved post filters detection issues on the page.
  • Bug Fix: Addressed “$type not found” messages in PHP.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed “infinite template found” messages in PHP (empty template load protection).
  • Change: Added Instagram API access error message.
  • Change: Removed “import with images” functionality, replaced by a doubly plugin.

Elevate Your Elementor Pro Experience with Unlimited Elements Explore Unlimited Elements 

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