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WP Rocket Plugin Latest v3.15.9

WP Rocket Plugin Latest

WP Rocket Plugin Latest is a caching plugin which speeds up WordPress site loading and improves performance by effectively removing the need to reload the page when content changes. WP Rocket will cache individual posts, pages and custom post types in the background so that they load instantly whenever they are viewed again.

WP Rocket Plugin Latest

WP Rocket Plugin Unleashed: Elevate Your Website Performance

  1. CDN Compatibility:

    • Seamlessly integrates with Content Delivery Networks (CDN) for enhanced performance.
  2. Effortless Configuration and Setup:

    • User-friendly interface ensures easy configuration and hassle-free setup.
  3. Google Fonts Optimization:

    • Streamlines the optimization of Google fonts to enhance loading speed.
  4. Preload Cache Support:

    • Facilitates preloading of cache, ensuring swift and efficient content delivery.
  5. Database Size Reduction:

    • Optimizes and reduces the size of the database for improved efficiency.
  6. Browser Caching Support:

    • Incorporates browser caching support for faster loading times.
  7. Query Strings Removal:

    • Enables the removal of query strings, enhancing website performance.
  8. Achieve 90+ Google Page Speed Insights Score:

    • Empowers you to achieve a remarkable Google Page Speed Insights score of 90 or more.
  9. Cloudflare Integration:

    • Seamlessly integrates with Cloudflare for advanced performance optimization.
  10. Mobile-Specific Caching:

    • Configurable caching options tailored specifically for mobile sites.
  11. Comprehensive Performance Enhancement:

    • Significantly improves the overall performance of your website.
  12. No Technical Know-How Required:

    • User-friendly design ensures effortless usage without the need for technical expertise.
  13. Universal Compatibility:

    • Compatible with all types of websites, regardless of the platform.
  14. Simplified Settings:

    • Easy-to-understand settings for intuitive configuration.
  15. Automatic Recommended Settings:

    • Recommends and enables optimal settings automatically upon installation.
  16. Lazy Load for Images, iFrames, and Videos:

    • Implements lazy loading for optimized rendering of images, iFrames, and videos.
  17. File Optimization and Compression:

    • Supports optimization and compression of files for reduced loading times.
  18. Custom Cache Lifespan:

    • Configurable cache lifespan for tailored performance optimization.
  19. DNS Prefetching Capability:

    • Allows prefetching of DNS requests for accelerated content loading.
  20. Forced Cache Refresh Option:

    • Provides the option for forced cache refresh to ensure real-time updates.
  21. Page Preloading Functionality:

    • Enables the preloading of pages for immediate access.
  22. Sitemap URL Preloading:

    • Preloads URLs from sitemaps for swift and efficient content delivery.
  23. GZip Compression:

    • Implements GZip compression for optimized file delivery and reduced bandwidth usage.

What’s New (Changelog) in WP Rocket

3.15.6 December 05, 2023​

Staggered release, version is available for 35% of customers.​

Bugfix: Fix the newest RUCSS retry strategy, the last step was triggered too late (#6290)
Enhancement: Stop firing WP Cron when it’s disabled. It was used to proceed Used CSS for the homepage with priority (#6282)
3rd-party compatibility: Improve LazyLoad for Background images compatibility with WPML (#6224)
3rd-party compatibility: Contact Form 7 optimization, make sure not to load their JavaScript when the form is not present on the page (#6241)

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